Providence quotes

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  • “Don't be anxious. Whatever God ordains is for the best.”
    Kanu Bannerjee - Harihar Ray
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  • “- The landlady: You should lock that money up sir, it's tempting providence.
    - The Lodger: Providence is concerned with sterner things than money, Mrs. Bunting.”

    Marie Ault - The landlady
    Ivor Novello - The Lodger
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  • “- Deloris: There's nothing wrong with my life. You know, before I came here, I had a career, I had friends, I had clothing that fit. Before I came here, I was okay.
    - Mother Superior: Oh, really? From what I've heard, your singing career was almost non-existent, and your married lover wants you dead. If you're fooling anyone, it is only...” (continue)
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    Whoopi Goldberg - Deloris
    Maggie Smith - Mother Superior
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  • “- Colonel Zapt: Let's trust in providence.
    - Major Rudolph Rassendyll: You'll never get providence interested in this enterprise.”

    C. Aubrey Smith - Colonel Zapt
    Ronald Colman - Major Rudolf Rassendyll
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