“Pather Panchali” quotes

Movie Pather Panchali
Title Pather Panchali
Year 1955
Director Satyajit Ray
Genre Drama
Plot – The young Apu witnesses the decay of his Bengali family, of Brahmin caste, in the early twentieth century. His older sister Durga dies when a violent monsoon hits the village. His father, after losing his job, decides to move with his family to Benares.
All actors – Kanu Bannerjee, Karuna Bannerjee, Chunibala Devi, Uma Das Gupta, Subir Banerjee, Runki Banerjee, Reba Devi, Aparna Devi, Tulsi Chakraborty, , Haren Banerjee, Rampada Das, Nibhanani Devi, Rama Gangopadhaya, Roma Ganguli, Binoy Mukherjee, Haridhan Nag, Harimohan Nag, Kshirod Roy, Suren Roy
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  • “Those who came before have passed on. And I'm left behind. A penniless beggar. Not a cowrie to my name. Look, my purse is empty... Lord, the day is done and evening falls. Ferry me across to the other shore...”

    Chunibala Devi - Indir Thakrun
  • “Can't an old woman have wishes too?”
    Chunibala Devi - Indir Thakrun
    [Tag:old age, wishes, women]
  • “- Apu: Didi, have you ever seen a train?
    - Durga: Sure.
    - Sarbojaya Ray: Don't lie.
    - Apu: You know where the tracks are? Where?
    - Durga: Past the big meadow and beyond the rice fields.
    - Apu: Shall we go one day?”

    Subir Banerjee - Apu Ray
    Uma Das Gupta - Durga
    Karuna Bannerjee - Sarbojaya Ray
  • Listen to what I'm writing now: new and original plays and poems. When word gets around, the traveling troupes will come in droves. Where else can they get new material? Original plays don't grow on trees.”
    Kanu Bannerjee - Harihar Ray
    [Tag:ability, writing]
  • “- Sarbojaya Ray: You'll educate the boy, give him his sacred thread, teach him to worship the gods. Durga will find a good husband. Two meals a day, new clothes twice a year - what more could we want?
    - Harihar Ray: We'll have all that and more. My ancestors were writers, after all. They left a legacy that can't be ignored. Just wait two years....” (continue)
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    Karuna Bannerjee - Sarbojaya Ray
    Kanu Bannerjee - Harihar Ray
  • “Don't be anxious. Whatever God ordains is for the best.”
    Kanu Bannerjee - Harihar Ray
    [Tag:god, providence]
  • “By leaf of lime and karamcha tree, rain, rain, away with thee! Rain, rain, away with thee!”
    Uma Das Gupta - Durga