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  • “Anything to do with the South resonates with me, because I'm Southern.”
    Mary Steenburgen
    [Tag:personality, place]
  • “I sound New York. I sound East Coast much more than a blonde person from L.A.”
    Julie Kavner
  • “- Jenny Hayden: What's it like up there?
    - Starman: It is beautiful. Not like this, but it is beautiful. There is only one language, one law, one people. There is no war, no hunger. The strong do not victimize the helpless. We are very civilized, but we have lost something, I think. You are all so much alive, all so different. I will miss the...” (continue)
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    Karen Allen - Jenny Hayden
    Jeff Bridges - Starman
    [Tag:leaving, place, planets]
  • “Thebes, City of the Living, crown jewel of Pharaoh Seti the First. Home of Imhotep, Pharaoh's high priest, keeper of the dead. Birthplace of Anck Su Namun, Pharaoh's mistress. No other man was allowed to touch her. But for their love, they were willing to risk life itself.”
    Oded Fehr - Ardeth Bay
    [Tag:love, place, risk]
  • “- Nahum Goddard: Where do you come from, Percy?
    - Percy Talbott: Ohio.
    - Nahum Goddard: Ohio, huh. I had some clients from Ohio once. Didn't sound like you do.
    - Percy Talbott: Well I wouldn't mind coming from someplace else, if that doesn't suit you.”

    Will Patton - Nahum Goddard
    Alison Elliott - Percy Talbott
    [Tag:dislike, place]
  • “You're my Mississippi. People who live in Arkansas, you know what their favorite state is? Mississippi's the only thing that keeps Arkansas from being the worst state in the whole country.”

    Vicellous Shannon - Twins
    [Tag:awareness, place, relationships]
  • There are thirty Ray's Pizzas. They all claim to be the original. But the real one's on 11th. And if you see a sign that says "Peep Show", that doesn't mean that they're letting you look at presents before Christmas.

    Ed Asner - Santa
    [Tag:food, new york, place]
  • “- Zach: Tell me about the Bronx.
    - Diana Morales: What's to tell about the Bronx? It's uptown and to the right.”

    Michael Douglas - Zach
    Yamil Borges - Diana Morales
    [Tag:new york, place]
  • “- Julia: We don't need a bed, do we?
    - 1st Victim: Well, no, I suppose not.
    - Julia: I've always preferred the floor.
    - 1st Victim: Oh. First time for everything, eh?”

    Clare Higgins - Julia
    Anthony Allen - 1st Victim
    [Tag:place, sex]
  • “I am an American. I adore Britain and have a strong English half, but my roots are here in the U.S. - it is not a matter of choice; it is simply fact.”
    Jennifer Ehle
    [Tag:america, england, place]
  • “- Madame Alvarez: How was Monte Carlo?
    - Gaston Lachaille: It was a bore!
    - Madame Alvarez: One has to be as rich as you are, Gaston, to be bored at Monte Carlo.”

    Hermione Gingold - Madame Alvarez
    Louis Jourdan - Gaston Lachaille
    [Tag:boredom, place, wealth]
  • “You can always go back to the place where you were comfortable, the place where you're from.”
    Ana de Armas
    [Tag:place, return]
  • “I'm damn-well wedded to this here light, and she's been a finer, truer, quieter wife than any alive-blooded woman.”
    Willem Dafoe - Thomas Wake
    [Tag:affection, place]
  • “According to you, people should be born, live, and die in the same place.”

    Grace Kelly - Lisa Carol Fremont
    [Tag:living, place]
  • “- Tony Stark: You're from Earth?
    - Peter Quill: I'm not from Earth, I'm from Missouri.
    - Tony Stark: Yeah, that's on Earth, dipshit!”

    Robert Downey Jr. - Tony Stark
    Chris Pratt - Peter Quill
    [Tag:country, earth, place]
  • “- Joe Starrett: I wouldn't ask you where you're bound.
    - Shane: One place or another. Someplace I've never been.”

    Van Heflin - Joe Starrett
    Alan Ladd - Shane
    [Tag:country, place]
  • “- J.J. Blodgett: Maybe it's one of those Greek islands?
    - Helicopter pilot: No sir, Greece is way to the left.
    - J.J. Blodgett: Not as long as I am with the State Department!”

    Edward Andrews - J.J. Blodgett
    Ty Hardin - Helicopter Pilot
    [Tag:parties, place]
  • “- Policeman: Where are you folks from?
    - Mei Li: The East.
    - Policeman: Oh, New York, huh?
    - Doctor Li: Further east.”

    Weaver Levy - Policeman
    Miyoshi Umeki - Mei Li
    Kam Tong - Doctor Li
    [Tag:people, place]
  • “I thought it was more important to be somebody out there than the damn failure I was here at my own home.”
    Clint Eastwood - Earl Stone
    [Tag:failure, place, worth]
  • “- Ben Wade: Mind telling me where we're going?
    - Dan Evans: No, I don't mind telling you. We're going to Contention City. We're going wait in a house by the station and when the 3:10 comes in we're going to put you on it.
    - Ben Wade: Thanks. Now if we get separated I'll know where to wait for you.”

    Glenn Ford - Ben Wade
    Van Heflin - Dan Evans
    [Tag:place, roads]
  • “- Mr. Best: How far are you going today?
    - Donald Crowhurst: Oh, just staying locally. Practising for a longer haul, though.
    - Mr. Best: Really? Any place in particular?
    - Donald Crowhurst: Round the world.”

    Ken Stott - Stanley Best
    Colin Firth - Donald Crowhurst
    [Tag:exercise, place, traveling]
  • “- Rachel Crowhurst: Are there horses in the Horse Latitudes?
    - Donald Crowhurst: No, sweetheart. Story has it that many years ago when the Spanish sailed to the West Indies they brought their horses with them, and sometimes they ran out of wind and then they ran out of fresh water as well.”

    Eleanor Stagg - Rachel Crowhurst
    Colin Firth - Donald Crowhurst
    [Tag:horses, place]
  • - Miles Miller: [to Father Flynn] This is not a place for a priest, Father. You shouldn't be here.
    - Laramie Seymour Sullivan: We might need to work on your sales pitch, son. "The El Royale: no place for a priest."

    Lewis Pullman - Miles Miller
    Jon Hamm - Laramie Seymour Sullivan
    [Tag:advertising, place, priests]
  • “Locations are characters in my movies. The city is capable of portraying a mood a scene requires.”
    Sidney Lumet
    [Tag:movie, place]
  • “- Administrator: Administration.
    - The Adjudicator: I'd like to change a designation.
    - Administrator: Verification?
    - The Adjudicator: Adjudication 1011979, The Continental Hotel, New York.
    - Administrator: New designation?
    - The Adjudicator: Deconsecrated.”

    [Tag:changing, place]