“Au Pair” quotes

Movie Au Pair
Title Au Pair
Year 1999
Director Mark Griffiths
Genre Comedy, Romance, Family
Interpreted by
All actors – Gregory Harrison, Heidi Lenhart, Jane Sibbett, Katie Volding, Jake Dinwiddie, John Rhys-Davies, Richard Riehle, Michael Woolson, Larry Robbins, Pat Elliott, Dávid Ungvári, Kristin Hansen
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  • “- Jennifer 'Jenny' Morgan: I heard about your good news, congratulations, the children will finally have a mother again.
    - Vivian Berger: Oh, I wouldn't go that far, boarding schools in Switzerland are year-round you know.”

    Heidi Lenhart - Jennifer 'Jenny' Morgan
    Jane Sibbett - Vivian Berger
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