“Bring It On In It To Win It” quotes

Movie Bring It On In It To Win It
Title Bring It On In It To Win It
Original title Bring It On: In It to Win It
Year 2007
Director Steve Rash
Genre Comedy, Sport
Plot – The cheerleaders of the Southern California High School follow the West High Sharks to Florida. The team has to play a match against the East High Jets, who are supported by particularly aggressive cheerleaders. Carson, the Sharks' captain, falls in love with Penn, the Jets' cheerleader.
All actors – Ashley Benson, Cassandra Scerbo, Noel Areizaga, Jennifer Tisdale, Kierstin Koppel, Anniese Taylor Dendy, Jane Park Smith, Lisa Glaze, Adam Vernier, Michael Copon, Tanisha Harris, Dinah Schierer
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  • “- Sarah: You know what this really needs to pop? The blood of a virgin.
    - Carson: Okay. Why are you guys looking at me?
    - Sarah: Come on, Carson, just a little pin prick.
    - Ruben: If she can take a little prick, she wouldn't be a virgin.”

    Kierstin Koppel - Sarah
    Ashley Benson - Carson
    Noel Areizaga - Ruben
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  • “- Ruben: I see children frolicking under a rainbow, eating hormone-free treats. [pauses] Ohh! A unicorn!
    - Sarah: I see... mutant turtles gnawing on festering human flesh. [pauses] Awh! They ate the unicorn.
    - Aeysha: [laughs] You needJesus. Or Prozac.”

    Noel Areizaga - Ruben
    Kierstin Koppel - Sarah
    Anniese Taylor Dendy - Aeysha
  • “- Carson: I need to focus, and that means no cute guys. Right now, beating the Jets is my top priority.
    - Aeysha: Good, and you're doing the right thing.
    - Carson: I know...
    - Aeysha: So, can I have him?”

    Ashley Benson - Carson
    Anniese Taylor Dendy - Aeysha