“Children of a Lesser God” quotes

Movie Children of a Lesser God
Title Children of a Lesser God
Year 1986
Director Randa Haines
Genre Drama, Romance
Plot – James Leeds is a young teacher and he's hired in an institute for deaf people. The director doesn't approve his methods but the patients get better indeed. Sarah Norman is deaf from birth and she's been hosted there since her childhood and works as housekeeper. James falls in love with her and they move together even if she has a difficult character. Leeds has to learn to be more patient and respectful.
All actors – William Hurt, Marlee Matlin, Piper Laurie, Philip Bosco, Allison Gompf, John F. Cleary, Philip Holmes, Georgia Ann Cline, William D. Byrd, Frank Carter Jr., John Limnidis, Bob Hiltermann, E. Katherine Kerr, John Basinger, Barry Magnani, Linda Bove, Ann Hanson, James Carrington, Max Brown, María Cellario, Jon-Paul Dougherty, Linda Swim, Lois Clowater, Allan R. Francis, Richard Kendall, Christopher Shay, Laraine Isa, Nanci Kendall, Marie Brazil, Charlene Legere, Leigh French, Archie Hahn, Jack Blessing, Nicholas Guest, Gigi Vorgan, Lynne Marie Stewart
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