“Other People's Money” quotes

Movie Other People's Money
Norman Jewison directed this movie in 1991
Title Other People's Money
Year 1991
Director Norman Jewison
Genre Drama, Comedy, Romance
Plot – Lawrence Garfield is a ruthless Wall Street businessman, surrounded by seventeen lawyers and several collaborators with an office on the top floor of a skyscraper, where he follows the market and the world of production. Greedy, his interest is focused on distressed or insolvent companies for which he submits an instance for the roundup of the shares to the appropriate Commission. Then he buys them and resells them, making a large profit. His latest interest is to get hold of the New England Wire & Cable Company. Currently in difficulty, for the last 80 years the factory has given jobs to many inhabitants of Seymour, Rhode Island, under the leadership of honest President Andrew Jorgenson. The old man entrusts his stepdaughter Kate Sullivan with legal issues regarding his factory. Garfield, understanding that the beautiful New York lawyer is able to stand up to him with her skills and expertise, tries to seduce her but in the end he falls in love with her and proposes but she turns him down. Disappointed, he finds an unexpected ally in William Coles, director general of the factory, who assures Garfield that he will support him at the next shareholders meeting. At the meeting, two positions emerge: that of Jorgenson, an old-fashioned man who has always been close to his workers and who does not want to lay off anyone despite the meager business and a dilapidated aged enterprise; and that of Garfield, who pulls the shareholders' attention back to reality, stating that wires and cables – with the advent of fiber optics and advanced technology - are over, and that everyone should sell their stake. The stakeholders believe him and vote for him, as he has declared himself their friend and supporter of their interests. So, Garfield returns home victorious but bitter because he has lost the woman he fell in love with. The lawyer, although defeated, calls Garfield and offers him a deal: to sign an agreement with an automaker company in Tokyo. Garfield accepts, already excited by the lucrative deal.
All actors – Danny DeVito, Gregory Peck, Penelope Ann Miller, Piper Laurie, Dean Jones, R.D. Call, Mo Gaffney, Bette Henritze, Tom Aldredge, Leila Kenzle, Cullen O. Johnson, William De Acutis, David Wells, Stephanie White, Jeff Hayenga, Ric Kidney, Wallace G. Lane Jr., Steve White, Brian Evers, Max Robinson, Al Cerullo, Michael Laskin, Barnet Brown, Sandy Moore, Paul Coyne, Dale Kasman, Kathleen Piche, Peter Brocco, Nancy Omi, Mark Pinter, Mary Hedahl, Leslie Devlin, William 'Skip' Church, Cam MacCormack, Glenn K. Pearson, Patrick James Grosswendt, Raul Kobrinsky, Woodrow W. Asai, Ken Kensei, Shirô Oishi, Philip Perlman, Denise Lynne Roberts, Janet M. Smith, Kevin Christy Hayes, Richard Arlen Chapman, Dennis J. Malone, Kevin Lord, Marianne Lewis, Tessa Gaynor, John D. Bair, Richard Bean, Jeffrey Corazzini, Mary A. DeBriae, Patricia Holihan, Kathy Najimy, Javier Ronceros
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