“Tootsie” quotes

Movie Tootsie
Sydney Pollack directed this movie in 1982
Title Tootsie
Year 1982
Director Sydney Pollack
Genre Drama, Comedy, Romance
Plot – Michael Dorsey is a meticulous and clever actor, but he isn't able to get good roles. One day, thanks to a series of casualties, he does a casting dressed as a woman and he ironically gets an important role in a never-ending TV series. The success and the troubles arrive. The life of Dorothy-Michael is busy and full of situations that the actor struggles to control. Things worsen when he falls in love with his colleague Julie, who thinks he’s a woman. Meanwhile, Dorothy-Michael is seduced by Julie’s father and another old actor. He breaks up with his girlfriend Sandy, who finds his behavior too weird. At the end, to solve things out, Michael reveals the truth in front of millions of viewers with a brilliant improvisation. Once the general astonishment is over, he gains the success he was waiting for and, above all, Julie’s love.
All actors – Dustin Hoffman, Jessica Lange, Teri Garr, Dabney Coleman, Charles Durning, Bill Murray, Sydney Pollack, George Gaynes, Geena Davis, Doris Belack, Ellen Foley, Peter Gatto, Lynne Thigpen, Ronald L. Schwary, Debra Mooney, Amy Lawrence, Kenny Sinclair, Susan Merson, Michael Ryan, Robert D. Wilson, James Carruthers, Estelle Getty, Christine Ebersole, Bernie Pollack, Sam Stoneburner, Marjorie Lovett, Willy Switkes, Gregory Camillucci, Barbara Spiegel, Tony Craig, Walter Cline, Suzanne von Schaack, Anne Shropshire, Pamela Lincoln, Mary Donnet, Bernie Passeltiner, Mallory Jones, Patti Cohane, Murray Schisgal, Greg Gorman, Anne Prager, John Carpenter, Bob Levine, Richard Whiting, Jim Jansen, Susan Egbert, Kas Self, Tom Mardirosian, Richard Wirth, Gavin Reed, Annie Korzen, Ibbits Warriner, Lois De Banzie, Stephen Prutting, Carole Holland, , Tobin Bell, Phillip Borsos, Cassandra Danz, Jim Dratfield, Paul E. Guskin, John Kapelos, Gene Shalit, Andy Warhol, Joyce Worsley
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