“Dominick and Eugene” quotes

Movie Dominick and Eugene
Title Dominick and Eugene
Year 1988
Director Robert M. Young
Genre Drama
Plot – Dominick Luciano works as garbage collector in Pittsburgh and supports his twin brother Gino's studies at the med faculty. They are twenty-six-years-old and the aspiring doctor is tenacious and rampant, while Dominick is slower because he has fallen from the stairs when he was a child. He considers Gino his guardian angel but he has many others friends, like his neighbor Mike. When the student is offered a scholarship to Stanford, Nick witnesses to Mike's casual death. His father pushed him from the stairs, so Nick kidnaps Mike's little brother to protect him against the violent man and takes the baby on the top of a building, where Gino reaches him and reveals his terrible story. As children, they have been victims too of their father's rage and one day Nick fell from the stairs to protect his brother from his father. Nick and Gino return home. Gino leaves for Stanford. Nick is more self-confident and independent now and can remain in Pittsburgh alone.
All actors – Ray Liotta, Tom Hulce, Jamie Lee Curtis, Robert Levine, Todd Graff, Bill Cobbs, Mimi Cecchini, Tommy Snelsire, Mary-Joan Negro, Tom Signorelli, John Romer, David Perry
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