“Reservoir Dogs” quotes

Movie Reservoir Dogs
Quentin Tarantino directed this movie in 1992
Title Reservoir Dogs
Year 1992
Director Quentin Tarantino
Genre Drama, Crime, Thriller
Plot – The robbery went wrong. In the abandoned warehouse the members of a gang arrive one by one and it soon becomes clear that something didn’t go well, that someone spoke. It’s not surprising because everyone talks too much and argues too much and they all point guns in each other’s face without any reason. The only one that little talks is the one with the razor, the one that has seized the policeman and now has turned on the radio. The sequence in which Michael Madsen cuts the policeman’s ear is the strongest of the whole film. Anyway, the whole story bursts tension from the beginning to the end. Great script, but above all great actors.
All actors – Harvey Keitel, Tim Roth, Michael Madsen, Chris Penn, Steve Buscemi, Lawrence Tierney, Edward Bunker, Quentin Tarantino, Randy Brooks, Kirk Baltz, Steven Wright, Rich Turner, David Steen, Tony Cosmo, Stevo Polyi, Michael Sottile, Robert Ruth, Lawrence Bender, Linda Kaye, Suzanne Celeste, Laurie Lathem, Maria Strova, Burr Steers, Craig Hamann, , Jeff Shea, Rowland Wafford
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