“Scarface” quotes

Movie Scarface
Brian De Palma directed this movie in 1983
Title Scarface
Year 1983
Director Brian De Palma
Genre Drama, Crime, Thriller
Plot – Tony Montana, a Cuban refugee in United States, climbs racket’s apex with cruelty and determination. He becomes the king of drug trafficking, backed by his friend Manny. Having killed his boss Lopez, he marries his wife Elvira. Once he reaches the peak, Tony's troubles begin: the new boss who has an unstable personality, offends Sosa, an important Bolivian ally. The relationship with Elvira founders and her sister Gina, with whom he is morbidly in love, marries Manny.
All actors – Al Pacino, Steven Bauer, Michelle Pfeiffer, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Robert Loggia, Miriam Colon, F. Murray Abraham, Paul Shenar, Harris Yulin, Ángel Salazar, Arnaldo Santana, Pepe Serna, Michael P. Moran, Al Israel, Dennis Holahan, Mark Margolis, Michael Alldredge, Ted Beniades, Richard Belzer, Paul Espel, John Brandon, Tony Perez, Garnett Smith, Loren Almaguer, Gil Barreto, Heather Benna, Sue Bowser, Tina Leigh Cameron, Victor Campos, Robert Hammer Cannerday, Rene Carrasco, Albert Carrier, John Carter, Richard Caselnova, Gary Carlos Cervantes, Carlos Cestero, Johnny Contardo, Roberto Contreras, Caesar Cordova, Gregory Cruz, Dante D'Andre, Richard Delmonte, Wayne Doba, Michel François, Ben Frommer, Edward R. Frommer, John Gamble, Troy Isaacs, Ronald G. Joseph, Mario Machado, Joe Marmo, Ray Martel, John McCann, Richard Mendez, Victor Millan, Santos Morales, Mike Moroff, Angela Nisi, Manuel Padilla Jr., Tony Pann, Ilka Tanya Payan, Barbra Perez, Michael Rougas, Anthony Saenz, Geno Silva, Arnold Tafolla, Charles A. Tamburro, Jim Towers, Robert Vandenberg, Bob Yanez, Angela Aames, Nancy Lee Andrews, Dona Baldwin, Lee Benton, Cynthia Burr, Lana Clarkson, Karen Criswell, Margo Kelly, Ava Lazar, Emilia Crow, Marii Mak, Shelley Taylor Morgan, Catharine Richardson, Pat Simmons, Terri Taylor, Charlie Adiano, Lisa Katz, Jeanette Linne, Margaret Michaels, Rhonda Sandberg, Katt Shea, Marcia Wolf, Fidel Castro, Barclay DeVeau, Charles Durning, Dennis Franz, Linda Gillen, Gregg Henry, Kevyn Major Howard, Richard Jasen, Henry Kingi, Brett Ratner, Randall Rutledge, Marcus Shirock
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  • “In this country, you gotta make the money first.
    Then when you get the money, you get the power.
    Then when you get the power,
    Then you get the woman.”

    Al Pacino - Tony Montana
  • “I kill a communist for fun, but for a green card... I'm gonna carve him up real nice.”
    Al Pacino - Tony Montana
  • “You wanna fuck with me? Okay. You wanna play rough? Okay. Say hello to my little friend!”

    Al Pacino - Tony Montana
  • “- Tony Montana: Bet you feel good, huh? Bet you feel good to kill a mother and her kids, huh, bet you feel big...
    - Alberto The Shadow: Shut your mouth!
    - Tony Montana: ...Like, you big man. Well, fuck you. What do you think I am? You think I'd kill two kids and a woman? Fuck that! I don't need that shit in my life.
    You die, motherfucker!
    [Tony...” (continue)
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    Al Pacino - Tony Montana
    Mark Margolis - Alberto The Shadow
  • “- Immigration Officer #1: What about homosexuality, Tony? You like men, huh? You like to dress up like a woman?
    - Tony Montana: What the fuck is wrong with this guy, man? He kidding me or what?
    - Immigration Officer #2: Just answer the questions, Tony!
    - Tony Montana: Okay. No. Okay? Fuck no!”

    Garnett Smith - Immigration Officer #1
    Al Pacino - Tony Montana
    Tony Perez - Immigration Officer #2
  • “- Hector the Toad: You want to give me the cash, or do I kill your brother first, before I kill you?
    - Tony Montana: Why don't you try sticking your head up your ass? See if it fits.”

    Al Israel - Hector The Toad
    Al Pacino - Tony Montana
    [Tag:killing, money]
  • “- Manny Ribera: Hey, come on, man, it ain't that bad.
    - Tony Montana: Hey, what the fuck you talkin', man?
    - Manny Ribera: The jails in this country are like hotels, man.
    - Tony Montana: You fuckin' kiddin' me, man? Are you fuckin' high, man?”

    Steven Bauer - Manny Ribera
    Al Pacino - Tony Montana
  • “Every day above ground is a good day.”
    Harris Yulin - Mel Bernstein
    [Tag:life, living]
  • “I always tell the truth. Even when I lie.”
    Al Pacino - Tony Montana
    [Tag:lies, truth]
  • “- Immigration Officer #3: Where'd you get the beauty scar, tough guy? Eatin' pussy?
    - Tony Montana: How'm I gonna get a scar like that eating pussy?
    [Tony Montana smiles]
    - Tony Montana: This was when I was a kid, ya know?
    - Immigration Officer #3: Mm-hmm.
    - Tony Montana: You should see the other kid. You can't recognize him.”

    John Brandon - Immigration Officer #3
    Al Pacino - Tony Montana
    [Tag:fighting, scars]
  • “This is paradise, I'm tellin' ya. This town like a great big pussy just waiting to get fucked.”
    Al Pacino - Tony Montana
  • “You know what capitalism is? Getting fucked!”
    Al Pacino - Tony Montana
  • “You wanna waste my time? Okay. I call my lawyer. He's the best lawyer in Miami. He's such a good lawyer, that by tomorrow morning, you gonna be working in Alaska. So dress warm.”
    Al Pacino - Tony Montana
    [Tag:clothes, lawyers]
  • “In this country, you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the women.”
    Al Pacino - Tony Montana
    [Tag:money, power, women]
  • “- Tony Montana: Look at that, a junkie... I got a junkie for a wife. Her womb is so polluted, I can't even have a fucking little baby with her!
    - Manny Ribera: C'mon, Tony.
    - Elvira Hancock: You son of a bitch!... You fuck!
    [throws wine in Tony Montana's face]
    - Elvira Hancock: How dare you talk to me like that? What makes you so much better...” (continue)
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    Al Pacino - Tony Montana
    Steven Bauer - Manny Ribera
    Michelle Pfeiffer - Elvira Hancock
    [Tag:crime, father, wife]
  • “- Frank Lopez: Tony, don't kill me, please!
    - Tony Montana: I ain't gonna kill you.
    - Frank Lopez: Oh Christ, thank you! Thank you!
    - Tony Montana: [looks at Manny] Manolo, shoot that piece of shit!”

    Robert Loggia - Frank Lopez
    Al Pacino - Tony Montana
  • “- Tony Montana: You know what your problem is, pussycat?
    - Elvira Hancock: What is my problem, Tony?
    - Tony Montana: You got nothing to do with your life, man. Why don't you get a job? Do something, be a nurse. Work with blind kids, lepurs, that kind of thing. Anything beats you waiting around all day, waiting for me to fuck you, I'll tell you...” (continue)
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    Al Pacino - Tony Montana
    Michelle Pfeiffer - Elvira Hancock
    [Tag:boredom, job, sex]
  • - Frank Lopez: You know what a "chazzer" is?
    - Tony Montana: No, Frank, you tell me. What is a "chazzer"?
    - Frank Lopez: It's a Yiddish word for "pig". See, the guy, he wants more than what he needs. He don't fly straight no more.

    Robert Loggia - Frank Lopez
    Al Pacino - Tony Montana
    [Tag:greed, meaning, words]
  • “You a communist? Huh? How'd you like it, man? They tell you all the time what to do, what to think, what to feel. Do you wanna be like a sheep? Like all those other people? Baah! Baah!”
    Al Pacino - Tony Montana
  • “- Tony Montana: Hey, baby, what is your problem? Huh, you got a problem? You're good looking, you got a beautiful body, beautiful legs, beautiful face, all these guys in love with you. Only you got a look in your eye like you haven't been fucked in a year!
    - Elvira Hancock: Hey, Jose. Who, why, when, and how I fuck is none of your business, okay?”

    Al Pacino - Tony Montana
    Michelle Pfeiffer - Elvira Hancock
    [Tag:beauty, sex]
  • “- Hector the Toad: Where are you from, Tony?
    - Tony Montana: What the fuck difference does that make on where I'm from?
    - Hector the Toad: Coño, Tony! I'm just asking just so I know who I'm doing business with.
    - Tony Montana: Well, you can know about me when you stop fucking around and start doing business with me, Hector!”

    Al Israel - Hector The Toad
    Al Pacino - Tony Montana
  • “Who did you kill for this?”

    Miriam Colon - Mama Montana
    [Tag:money, murder]
  • “Lesson number one: don't underestimate the other guy's greed!
    Lesson number two: don't get high on your own supply.”

    Robert Loggia - Frank Lopez
    [Tag:drugs, greed, rules]