“Don't Say a Word” quotes

Movie Don't Say a Word
Title Don't Say a Word
Year 2001
Director Gary Fleder
Genre Drama, Thriller, Mystery
Plot – Nathan Conrad, a New York successful psychiatrist, has an attractive wife and a lovely daughter. His life takes then a dramatic turn when a group of thugs kidnaps the child. The bandits don't ask the usual ransom as they want Nathan to slip into Elizabeth's mind. She's his patient who saves the combination to get the booty of a past robbery.
All actors – Michael Douglas, Sean Bean, Brittany Murphy, Skye McCole Bartusiak, Guy Torry, Jennifer Esposito, Shawn Doyle, Victor Argo, Conrad Goode, Paul Schulze, Lance Reddick, Famke Janssen
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  • “- Jessie Conrad: You had a bad day!
    - Dr. Nathan R. Conrad: Why do you say that?
    - Jessie Conrad: Frown face!
    - Dr. Nathan R. Conrad: Well my little frown face, is because it's after ten o'clock and your still awake.”

    Skye McCole Bartusiak - Jessie Conrad
  • “- Dr. Nathan R. Conrad: Was this... really... worth it?
    - Patrick Koster: What?
    - Dr. Nathan R. Conrad: Your life.
    - Patrick Koster: Absolutely... it's mine.”

    Michael Douglas - Dr. Nathan R. Conrad
    Sean Bean - Patrick Koster
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