“Interstate 60: Episodes of The Road” quotes

Movie Interstate 60: Episodes of The Road
Title Interstate 60: Episodes of The Road
Original title Interstate 60: Episodes of the Road
Year 2002
Director Bob Gale
Genre Drama, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Thriller, Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery
Plot – Neil is a painter but his father would like to see him graduated in law at Oxford. The situation changes suddenly when Neil meets One Wish Grant, a person who's able to fulfill every desire. The guy starts an adventure on the road along the Interstate 60, a road that actually doesn't exist. During the travel, Neil meets many characters. Will he meet the girl who inspires his paintings at night?
All actors – Matthew Edison, Paul Brogren, Wayne Robson, Gary Oldman, Michael J. Fox, James Marsden, Melyssa Ade, John Bourgeois, Roz Michaels, Amy Stewart, Christopher Lloyd, Jonathan Whittaker, Mark Lutz, Krista Leis, Michael Rhoades, Art Evans, John Henry Canavan, Kedar Brown, Angela Asher, Daniel Kash, Doug Lennox, Amy Jo Johnson, Rebecca Jenkins, Ted Ludzik, Leah Renee, Tyler Kyte, Kurt Russell, Liz Royer, Chris Cooper, Billy Otis, Ho Chow, Ann-Margret, Jane Moffat, Les Porter, Rene Lemieux, Katherine Trowell, James Downing, Emanuel Arruda, Phillip MacKenzie, Joe Matheson, Deborah Odell, Duane Murray, Amy Smart, Ken Kramer, Nigel Hamer, John Watson, Ross Collins, Chris Nickerson, Benjamin Patch, Link Leavere, Mike Bruner
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