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Movie Eddie Murphy Raw
Title Eddie Murphy Raw
Original title Eddie Murphy: Raw
Year 1987
Director Robert Townsend
Genre Comedy, Documentary
Plot – Eddie Murphy attacks the audience with expletives and obscenities, talking about various topics. He doesn't abstain from chatting about the showmen of his own country like Michael Jackson, Roland Pryor and Bill Cosby. He talks about couple's concerns and Italians citizens too, but sex is the main subject. Everyone is mocked and stripped in order to give effect to a dense show full of triviality without any limit.
All actors – Eddie Murphy, Tatyana Ali, Billie Allen, James Brown III, Eyde Byrde, Michelle Davison, Clebert Ford, Geri Gibson, Birdie M. Hale, J.D. Hall, Barbara Harris, Tiger Haynes
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  • - Eddie Murphy: [as Bill Cosby] You can not say filth flarn filth flarn filth in front of people!
    - Eddie Murphy: And I said "I never said no filth flarn filth! I don't know what you're talking about! I'm offended that you called! Fuck you!" And that's when Bill got raw on me!
    - Eddie Murphy: [as Bill Cosby] That's what I'm talking about! You... (continue)
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