“The Distinguished Gentleman” quotes

Movie The Distinguished Gentleman
Jonathan Lynn directed this movie in 1992
Title The Distinguished Gentleman
Year 1992
Director Jonathan Lynn
Genre Comedy, Crime
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Plot – Thomas Jefferson Johnson is a mediocre crook. Fortunately he is of the same name of a US Parliamentary died of a heart attack, so he applies to his seat and a few thousand old members of the association "Silver Foxes" vote for him. He's assisted by Arthur Reinhard and helped by the parliamentarian's three usual collaborators. Thomas not only wins the seat but succeeds in becoming Dik Dodge's spokesperson, the president of energy and industry commission. No one discovers Thomas is a cheater. When he meets a little girl who has lost her hair due to cancer-causing magnetic fields, he changes his attitude and convinces a young ex-lawyer, Celia Kirby, to collaborate with him. Johnson faces Dodge's commission to clear the matter about high voltage electric cables. As he begins to be an inconvenient figure, Dodge orders Reinhard to spy him. The commission's dark interests are indeed unveiled. Thomas unmasks the corrupted politicians and achieves a real triumph.
All actors – Eddie Murphy, Lane Smith, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Joe Don Baker, Victoria Rowell, Grant Shaud, Kevin McCarthy, Charles S. Dutton, Victor Rivers, Chi McBride, Sonny Jim Gaines, Noble Willingham
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  • “I'm madder than a Baptist in a brothel, you som-bitch! I tell ya, I'm about as crazy as a dog in a hubcap factory.”

    Eddie Murphy - Thomas Jefferson Johnson
  • “- Elijah Hawkins: Come on, Thomas! You're Dick Dodge's yes-man.
    - Thomas Jefferson Johnson: I am not a yes-man. When Dick says no, I say no.”

    Charles S. Dutton - Elijah Hawkins
    Eddie Murphy - Thomas Jefferson Johnson
  • “We're not going to show you Jeff Johnson waving a flag. We're not going to show you Jeff Johnson kissing babies. We're not going to show you Jeff Johnson doing anything because you already know what Jeff Johnson can do. Tomorrow, vote Jeff Johnson. The name you know.”
    Eddie Murphy - Thomas Jefferson Johnson
    [Tag:choice, elections]
  • “- Thomas Jefferson Johnson: Terry, tell me something. With all this money coming in from both sides, how does anything ever get done?
    - Terry Corrigan: It doesn't. That's the genius of the system.”

    Eddie Murphy - Thomas Jefferson Johnson
    Kevin McCarthy - Terry Corrigan
    [Tag:money, politics, theft]
  • “- Thomas Jefferson Johnson: I've got to do something to help these people.
    - Celia Kirby: Don't tell me you're actually developing a conscience.
    - Thomas Jefferson Johnson: God I hope not, it's gonna be a fuckin' nuisance in Congress.”

    Eddie Murphy - Thomas Jefferson Johnson
    Victoria Rowell - Celia Kirby
  • “- Elijah Hawkins: My niece tells me you're not half as slimy as I thought. That puts you somewhere between a lizard and a toad. Ha ha. Quite a step up, huh?
    - Thomas Jefferson Johnson: Thank you very much. Forgive me for staring. I don't know how I missed the family resemblance. She's you in a skirt.”

    Charles S. Dutton - Elijah Hawkins
    Eddie Murphy - Thomas Jefferson Johnson
  • “The question is, can we get the shit back into the horse?”
    Joe Don Baker - Olaf Andersen
    [Tag:mistake, regret]
  • “- Thomas Jefferson Johnson: Y'all remember Willie Sutton?
    - Van Dyke: My hero.
    - Thomas Jefferson Johnson: What did he say when they asked him why he robbed banks?
    - Van Dyke: 'Cause that's where the money is.”

    Eddie Murphy - Thomas Jefferson Johnson
    Sonny Jim Gaines - Van Dyke
    [Tag:money, thieves]