“Matilda” quotes

Movie Matilda
Title Matilda
Year 1978
Director Daniel Mann
Genre Comedy, Crime, Sport, Family
All actors – Elliott Gould, Clive Revill, Harry Guardino, Roy Clark, Karen Carlson, Art Metrano, Lionel Stander, Roberta Collins, Larry Pennell, Gary Morgan, Robert Mitchum, Lenny Montana
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  • “- Kathleen Smith: Bernie, it's inhuman to do that to a baby kangaroo! It's inhuman!
    - Bernie Bonnelli: Has anyone ever told you that you're always repeating yourself? This is no ordinary kangaroo... Junior's different.”

    Karen Carlson - Kathleen Smith
    Elliott Gould - Bernie Bonnelli
  • “Life's grand. Isn't it?”
    Clive Revill - Billy Baker