“The Big Hit” quotes

Movie The Big Hit
Title The Big Hit
Year 1998
Director Kirk Wong
Genre Comedy, Crime, Thriller, Action
Plot – Melvin is honest and professional, but his colleagues expropriate his business achievements, taking all the honors. His salary is modest and so is his bank account due to the constant demands of his lover and his girlfriend. To make ends meet, Melvin has a second job: he is a hit-man. The job that he gets offered is to kidnap the daughter of a businessman. Pity she is his boss' god-daughter.
All actors – Mark Wahlberg, Lou Diamond Phillips, Christina Applegate, Avery Brooks, Bokeem Woodbine, Antonio Sabato Jr., China Chow, Lainie Kazan, Elliott Gould, Sab Shimono, Robin Dunne, Lela Rochon, Danny Smith, Joshua Peace, David Usher, Hardee T. Lineham, Gerry Mendicino, Robert Eaton, John Stoneham Sr., Nicola Jones, Alexa Gilmour, John Stocker, Cotton Mather, Derrek Peels, Tig Fong, Danny Lima, Morgan Freeman, Giovahann White, Robert Hannah, Terrence Baker, Matt Birman, Jordan-Patrick Marcantonio, Layton Morrison
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  • “- Melvin Smiley: The truth is, I can't handle the idea of her not liking me. I can't handle the idea of anybody not liking me.
    - Cisco: Hey Melvin, the hundred or so people you've killed in the last five years, more than likely have families that don't think too highly of you.”

    Mark Wahlberg - Melvin Smiley
    Lou Diamond Phillips - Cisco
    [Tag:dislike, killing]
  • “I absolutely, positively cannot be the only person falling head over heels in love in this relationship. It's got to be mutual.”
    Mark Wahlberg - Melvin Smiley
  • “- Melvin Smiley: Technically, you can call me a hitman.
    - Keiko Nishi: Really? A hitman? Does that pay well?
    - Melvin Smiley: Oh of course. I make a killing.”

    Mark Wahlberg - Melvin Smiley
    China Chow - Keiko Nishi
    [Tag:fame, killing, name]
  • “All I wanted to do was to sail my boat, man, you know? Navigate by the stars, see dolphins race alongside, you know, maybe even kill a few of them.”
    Lou Diamond Phillips - Cisco
    [Tag:enjoyment, sea, wishes]
  • “- Paris: What would you do to someone... who decided to fuck with you in your own house?
    - Cisco: I'd bust some caps!
    - Paris: Bust some caps! Give this man a gold star.”

    Avery Brooks - Paris
    Lou Diamond Phillips - Cisco
    [Tag:men, sex]
  • “- Melvin Smiley: I just can't stand the idea of them not liking me any more. To be perfectly honest, I can't stand the idea of anybody not liking me.
    - Keiko Nishi: It sounds pretty dysfunctional...
    - Melvin Smiley: Why do you say that? What do you mean?
    - Keiko Nishi: I mean, you might suffer from a borderline personalitydisorder. And you have...” (continue)
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    Mark Wahlberg - Melvin Smiley
    China Chow - Keiko Nishi