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  • “Limbo is like New Jersey. You can see all the good stuff, you just have to get there.”
    Nathan Lane - Phil Webster
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  • “I've been there. It's when you're on an 18-hour flight from L.A. to Paris and you're stuck in coach.”

    Catherine Zeta-Jones - Theo
  • - Eleanor "Nell" Vance: It's not just hell. You see the children, they're reaching up for heaven, but their souls are trapped in purgatory. And these are the demons... who can hold on to your soul for as long as they want.
    - Theo: Did you study art?
    - Eleanor "Nell" Vance: No, I studied purgatory. I was there once for eleven years. It's when... (continue)
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    Lili Taylor - Nell
    Catherine Zeta-Jones - Theo
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  • “Purgatory is over, you go to hell.”
    Lili Taylor - Nell
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  • Winter has locked us in its icy embrace. The pelts of the animals are thick and bluish and our home is blanketed with snow. Papa calls it "limbo" because it sure isn't heaven and it's too cold to be hell. Mother wondered about purgatory, but he said no. Purgatory has an end to it. "Don't torture me so", said Mother.
    Vanessa Martinez - Noelle De Angelo
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