“Bones” quotes

Movie Bones
Title Bones
Year 2001
Director Ernest R. Dickerson
Genre Crime, Horror
Interpreted by
All actors – Snoop Dogg, Pam Grier, Michael T. Weiss, Clifton Powell, Ricky Harris, Bianca Lawson, Khalil Kain, Merwin Mondesir, Sean Amsing, Katharine Isabelle, Ron Selmour, Deezer D
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  • “- Jeremiah Peet: It's the past, son. It's dead.
    - Patrick Peet: No, pop. I don't think your past is dead. It's alive.”

    Clifton Powell - Jeremiah Peet
    Khalil Kain - Patrick
  • “Gangsta of love don't eat no fried chicken!”
    Snoop Dogg - Jimmy Bones
    [Tag:food, gang]
  • “- Bill: Contact paranoia... maybe you've heard of it... I'm buggin' out 'cause I'm hangin' out wit you all the time! I tell you goddamn it man!
    - Maurice: Well, I've got bigger problems! I'm tryin' to get this joint lit, that's drug abuse!”

    Merwin Mondesir - Bill
    Sean Amsing - Maurice
    [Tag:drugs, problems]