“Scream” quotes

Movie Scream
Wes Craven directed this movie in 1996
Title Scream
Year 1996
Director Wes Craven
Genre Crime, Horror, Mystery
Plot – Sidney has to deal with something bigger than the emotional outbursts of adolescence. In fact, her mother was murdered one year before, her father is always away on business trips and her boyfriend Billy wants her to run away from home. In addition, a serial killer uses his passion for horror movies to threaten the city, taking advantage of all his knowledge on the subject to play with the victims and divert the police.
All actors – Drew Barrymore, Roger Jackson, Kevin Patrick Walls, David Booth, Carla Hatley, Neve Campbell, Skeet Ulrich, Lawrence Hecht, Courteney Cox, W. Earl Brown, Rose McGowan, Lois Saunders, David Arquette, Joseph Whipp, Matthew Lillard, Jamie Kennedy, Lisa Beach, Tony Kilbert, C.W. Morgan, Frances Lee McCain, Liev Schreiber, Troy Bishop, Ryan Kennedy, Leonora Scelfo, Nancy Anne Ridder, Lisa Canning, Bonnie Wood, Aurora Draper, Kenny Kwong, Justin Sullivan, Kurtis Bedford, Angela Miller, Linda Blair, Wes Craven, Matt McDonald, Henry Winkler
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