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Movie Buster
Title Buster
Year 1988
Director David Green
Genre Drama, Comedy, Crime, Romance, Biography, Adventure
Plot – It is 1963. Buster Edwards is a petty thief, in love with his pregnant wife June and very attached to their child. He "works" with Franny Reynolds, Bruce Reynolds and a group of thugs for their welfare and one night they assault a train to rob millions of pounds, which are then hidden in an English country house. However Sir James, the police chief, gives precise orders, given the extent of the theft and the sensation it has caused: the hiding place is discovered and the robbers end up in jail, except for Buster Edwards and Bruce Reynolds, who manage to escape to Acapulco. The former is joined by his wife June and their infant daughter, the other by his flamboyant wife Fanny. Money is wasted on a life of luxury and Buster ends up sending his family back to London, putting them up at his mother-in-law's, and joins them later. A boatman recognizes him and warns the authorities. After the explicit suggestion of June, eager for a normal and peaceful life, Buster turns himself over to Sir James' men.
All actors – Phil Collins, Julie Walters, Larry Lamb, Stephanie Lawrence, Ellie Beaven, Michael Attwell, Ralph Brown, Christopher Ellison, Sheila Hancock, Martin Jarvis, Clive Wood, Anthony Quayle
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