“The Wizard” quotes

Movie The Wizard
Title The Wizard
Year 1989
Director Todd Holland
Genre Drama, Comedy, Romance, Sport, Adventure, Family
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Plot – Jimmy is 9 and Corey is 13. They are brothers and affter the separation of their parents Jimmy runs away from home. Corey leaves too to search him remembering his little brother used to talk about California. On the way Corey meets Haley, a girl who helps him to overcome some difficulties. When they find Jimmy, Corey and Haley discover the boy is very good at videogames, so the group goes to Los Angeles to participate to a national championship.
All actors – Luke Edwards, Vince Trankina, Wendy Phillips, Dea McAllister, Sam McMurray, Beau Bridges, Fred Savage, Christian Slater, Will Seltzer, Roy Conrad, Jenny Lewis, Roderick Dexter
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