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  • I had a man around. He used to wake me up every morning by flicking lit cigarettes at my head. He'd say, "Hey, asshole, get up and make me breakfast". You know, Mrs. Buckman, you need a license to buy a dog, or drive a car. Hell, you need a license to catch a fish! But they'll let any butt-reaming asshole be a father.
    Keanu Reeves - Tod
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  • “- Les Anderson: Hey dad, did you take a look at that brochure I gave you?
    - Mr. Anderson: Yeah.
    - Les Anderson: And what did you think?
    - Mr. Anderson: A 23,000 dollar BMW for a kid who hasn't had a job in his life... I think it's a great idea!”

    Corey Haim - Les Anderson
    Richard Masur - Mr. Anderson
    [Tag:cars, license, teens]
  • “- Freddy Bender: Objection, Your Honor: strangling the witness.
    - Judge Marva Munson: I'm going to allow it.”

    Richard Jenkins - Freddy Bender
    Isabell O'Connor - Judge Marva Munson
    [Tag:judges, license, witness]
  • “Where did you get your goddamn license? Shithead!”
    Kelly Lynch - Dianne
  • “- Justin Stewart: Rocky couldn't make it, so he sent me!
    - Adam Park: What are you talking about?
    - Justin Stewart: Guys! I'm the new Blue Ranger! Isn't that cool? Alpha had to give me a crash course in driving, good thing you don't need a license to drive a Zord.”

    Blake Foster - Justin Stewart
    Johnny Yong Bosch - Adam Park
    [Tag:driving, license]
  • - Cher: "Second notice on three outstanding tickets". I don't remember getting a first notice.
    - Mel Horowitz: The ticket is the first notice! I didn't even know you could get tickets without a license.
    - Cher: Oh, you can get tickets anytime.

    Alicia Silverstone - Cher
    Dan Hedaya - Mel Horowitz
    [Tag:driving, license]
  • “I'd like to see your drivers license and proof of insurance!”

    Mel Gibson - Martin Riggs
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  • “- Motorcycle Officer: License, lady?
    - Maude: I don't have one. I don't believe in them.”

    Tom Skerritt - Motorcycle Officer
    Ruth Gordon - Maude
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  • - Sam "Ace" Rothstein: You know, I don't know if I could do this even if I wanted to. The Gaming Commission would never give me a license. I have at least two dozen gambling and bookmaking pinches on me.
    - Andy Stone: You don't have to have a license to work in a casino. All you gotta do is apply for one. The state law says you can work in a... (continue)
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    Robert De Niro - Sam "Ace" Rothstein
    Alan King - Andy Stone
    [Tag:bureaucracy, gambling, license]
  • “- M: This private vendetta of yours could easily compromise Her Majesty's government. You have an assignment, and I expect you to carry it out objectively and professionally!
    - James Bond: Then you have my resignation, sir!
    - M: We're not a country club, 007! Effective immediately, your licence to kill is revoked, and I require you to hand over...” (continue)
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    Robert Brown - M
    Timothy Dalton - James Bond
    [Tag:killing, layoff, license]
  • “I always say, better ask forgiveness than permission.”
    Jeremy Irons - Brom
    [Tag:forgiveness, license, regret]
  • “- Les' DMV Examiner: Now Anderson, I want you to take a good look at my cup of coffee. Now, I love my coffee. It's probably the only thing I cherish on this god forsaken mud ball called Earth! What I'm trying to say, Anderson, is that most examiners rely on this clipboard, I don't believe in that shit. What I do believe is in my cup of coffee....” (continue)(continue reading)

    James Avery - Les' DMV Examiner
    Corey Haim - Les Anderson
    [Tag:coffee, failure, license]
  • “I dub you Pinocchio's conscience, Lord High Keeper of the Knowledge of Right and Wrong, Counselor in Moments of High Temptation, and Guide Along the Straight and Narrow Path. Arise, Sir Jiminy Cricket.”

    Evelyn Venable - The Blue Fairy
    [Tag:advice, conscience, license]
  • “- Roland T. Flakfizer: Do you enjoy being a cab driver?
    - Rocco Melonchek: Nah. As soon as I get my driver's license, I'm quitting.”

    John Turturro - Roland T. Flakfizer
    Mel Smith - Rocco Melonchek
    [Tag:driving, illegality, license]
  • “- Insp. Jacques Clouseau: It is against the leu for you to play your musical instrument.
    - Blind Beggar: Leu?
    - Insp. Jacques Clouseau: What?
    - Blind Beggar: You say, it's against the leu?
    - Insp. Jacques Clouseau: Yes. Unless you have a proper license.
    - Blind Beggar: What kind of license?
    - Insp. Jacques Clouseau: A license that permits the...” (continue)
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    Peter Sellers - Clouseau
    John Bluthal - Blind Beggar
    [Tag:beggars, business, license]
  • “- Sgt. Dan 'Hondo' Harrelson: Street, you have a driver's license?
    - Jim Street: Got a library card.
    - Sgt. Dan 'Hondo' Harrelson: Good enough. So get your uniform on. You're driving me around today.”

    Samuel L. Jackson - Sgt. Dan 'Hondo' Harrelson
    Colin Farrell - Jim Street
    [Tag:driving, license]
  • “Mr. Anderson, it's punks like you that paramedics end up scraping off the road at four in the morning. For your sake, and the safety of others, I hope you fail your driving exam.”
    Michael Ensign - School Teacher
    [Tag:danger, license, safety]
  • “- Q: Right. Now pay attention 007. First, your new car. BMW Agile 54 with gears. All points radar. Self destruct system. And, naturally, all the usual refinements. Now, this I'm particularly proud of - behind the headlights, stinger missiles!
    - James Bond: Excellent, just the thing for unwinding after a rough day at the office.
    - Q: Need I...” (continue)
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    Desmond Llewelyn - Q
    Pierce Brosnan - James Bond
    [Tag:cars, license, weapons]
  • “Every year, the United States permits the entrance of about 150,000 immigrants. That number is proportioned among the various European countries. You were born in Bucharest; so, you come under the Romanian quota.”
    Harry Shannon - American Immigration Official
    [Tag:america, license, migration]
  • “- Guild: Ever heard of the Sullivan Act?
    - Nora Charles: Oh, that's all right, we're married.”

    Nat Pendleton - Guild
    Myrna Loy - Nora Charles
    [Tag:license, marriage, misunderstanding]
  • “- American Immigration Official: The Romanian quota is very small, very crowded.
    - Georges Iscovescu: That means I have to wait?
    - American Immigration Official: Between five and eight years, Mr. Iscovescu.”

    Harry Shannon - American Immigration Official
    Charles Boyer - Georges Iscovescu
    [Tag:license, migration, waiting]