“Firewall” quotes

Movie Firewall
Title Firewall
Year 2006
Director Richard Loncraine
Genre Crime, Thriller
Plot – Jack Stanfield is a bank computer security system specialist and is working for the Landrock Pacific Bank, in Seattle. He has devoted his entire life to design the most secure system which can indeed block any hackers' attack. His house by the ocean is a peaceful and secure world too and Jack lives there with his wife Beth and his two children, but he doesn't even imagine a criminal is monitoring their life: Bill Cox uses microphones and video recorders and he's aware about the family's quarrels, their diseases and, above all, the surveillance system code. Bill enters their house with some accomplices and seizes the family starting their nightmare. Jack will have to find a flaw in his perfect computer system in a race against time.
All actors – Harrison Ford, Virginia Madsen, Carly Schroeder, Jimmy Bennett, Gail Ann Lewis, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Matthew Currie Holmes, Candus Churchill, David Lewis, Zahf Paroo, Robert Forster, Robert Patrick
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