“House of the Long Shadows” quotes

Movie House of the Long Shadows
Title House of the Long Shadows
Year 1983
Director Pete Walker
Genre Comedy, Horror, Mystery
Plot – Kenneth Magee accepts the bet of his publisher Sam Allyson to write a novel in 24 hours. He will be rewarded with 20,000 dollars, so he travels to an abandoned castle in Wales to write. There he soon discovers that he's not alone: in fact the owners of the house have gathered to decide about the release of their younger son, segregated at 14 because he had raped a girl. They realize the prisoner has escaped and terror spreads throughout the castle, with many deaths to follow one after another. Kenneth is stunned, his novel is successful and he receives the money but he tears up the check after learning it was all a grim masquerade conceived by the editor.
All actors – Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Desi Arnaz Jr., John Carradine, Sheila Keith, Julie Peasgood, Richard Todd, Louise English, Richard Hunter, Norman Rossington
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  • “Don't interrupt me while I'm soliloquizing.”
    Vincent Price - Lionel Grisbane
    [Tag:speech, vanity]
  • “- Station Master: It is a cursed place.
    - Kenneth Magee: I'm sure it's drenched in evil.
    - Station Master: A cursed place.
    - Kenneth Magee: Filled with things best not spoken of. Yes, I saw the movie. You do know how to get there?”

    Norman Rossington - Station Master
    Desi Arnaz Jr. - Kenneth Magee
    [Tag:curse, fear]