“Pandemonium” quotes

Movie Pandemonium
Title Pandemonium
Year 1982
Director Alfred Sole
Genre Comedy, Horror, Mystery
All actors – Tammy Alverson, Pamela Harlow, Lynn Herring, Jan Speck, Sallee Young, Candice Azzara, Suzanne Kent, Phil Hartman, Michael Kless, David L. Lander, Carol Kane, Eileen Brennan
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  • “- Salt: You are frightened of the night?
    - Randy: Baloney!
    - Salt: You are frightened of baloney?”

    Izabella Telezynska - Salt
    Marc McClure - Randy
    [Tag:fear, night]
  • “- Randy: Sandy, want some candy?
    - Sandy: Some candy'd be dandy.
    - Randy: Candy, want some candy?
    - Candy: No candy for me, Randy.
    - Andy: Come on, Candy, have some candy.
    - Candy: I said no candy, Andy.”

    Marc McClure - Randy
    Debralee Scott - Sandy
    Carol Kane - Candy
    Miles Chapin - Andy
  • “- Photographer: This must be the act of a maniac.
    - Reporter: Either that, or a very large chef.”

    Michael Kless - Photographer
    Phil Hartman - Reporter
  • “I'm gonna be like everybody else! I'm gonna make friends! I'm gonna have fun! I'm gonna wear make-up, I'm gonna go out with boys, I'm gonna sleep with truck drivers and get crabs, and I'm gonna finally get to use my diaphragm!”
    Carol Kane - Candy