“Fletch” quotes

Movie Fletch
Title Fletch
Year 1985
Director Michael Ritchie
Genre Comedy, Crime, Mystery
Plot – A journalist in the mood of brilliant reports called Fletch often walks around a Los Angeles’ beach, a common place for drug addicts’ meetings. He knows everyone and he has a lot of friends, but the thing he’s sniffing is not "marijuana", but rather a very dangerous track: he is convinced that the local police chief is tangled up in the shady traffic, though he hasn’t the necessary proofs yet. While he investigates, a wealthy industrialist - Stanwick - invites him to his house and asks Fletch to kill him, with handsome profits. He has cancer, a beautiful young wife, a life insurance and he prefers to finish his life with a bullet in the body than into a clinic. Fletch accepts the peculiar assignment and every detail is established. However, Fletch is suspicious and he begins to investigate.
All actors – Chevy Chase, Joe Don Baker, Dana Wheeler-Nicholson, Richard Libertini, Tim Matheson, M. Emmet Walsh, George Wendt, Kenneth Mars, Geena Davis, Bill Henderson, William Traylor, George Wyner
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