“King Kong Lives” quotes

Movie King Kong Lives
Title King Kong Lives
Year 1986
Director John Guillermin
Genre Horror, Adventure, Fantasy, Action
Interpreted by
All actors – Peter Elliott, George Antoni, Brian Kerwin, Linda Hamilton, John Ashton, Peter Michael Goetz, Frank Maraden, Alan Sader, Lou Criscuolo, Marc Clement, Richard Rhodes, Larry Souder
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  • “- Amy Franklin: I'm sorry.
    - Dr. Andrew Ingersoll: That cost this institute seven million dollars!
    - Dr. Benson Hughes: She knows how much it costs. She's been a part of it since we first got Kong's heart resuscitated.
    - Amy Franklin: There's nothing wrong with the heart. The damn thing runs like a Swiss watch. It's his blood.”

    Linda Hamilton - Amy Franklin
    Peter Michael Goetz - Dr. Andrew Ingersoll
    Frank Maraden - Dr. Benson Hughes
  • “- Major Peete: What the hell is this? Deliverance?
    - Captain #1: You there! Are those weapons loaded?
    - Vance: You bet, General! And so are we!
    - Major Peete: You'll be shooting each other, you damn fool! You wanna get killed?
    - Vance: I want that ape's head on the hood of my pickup!”

    Jimmie Ray Weeks - Major Peete
    Bernard Addison - Captain #1
    Michael Forest - Vance