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  • “How many people had I already killed? There were those six that I knew about for sure. Close enough to blow their last breath in my face. But this time, it was an American and an officer. That wasn't supposed to make any difference to me, but it did. Shit... charging a man with murder in this place was like handing out speeding tickets in the...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Martin Sheen - Captain Benjamin L. Willard
    [Tag:killing, war]
  • “Every dead body that is not exterminated becomes one of them. It gets up and kills! The people it kills get up and kill!”

    David Crawford - Dr. Foster
    [Tag:killing, zombie]
  • “You've fucked with the wrong person! My husband does business with the Mafia! When they track you down, you, your entire family, everyone you ever knew will all get chainsaw enemas!”
    Bette Midler - Barbara Stone
    [Tag:killing, mafia, revenge]
  • “He's nothing but a low-down, double-dealing, backstabbing, larcenous perverted worm! Hanging's too good for him. Burning's too good for him! He should be torn into little bitsy pieces and buried alive!”

    Rodger Bumpass - Hanover Fiste
    [Tag:killing, torture, treachery]
  • “I've just committed a murder. I feel strong and content. I start to walk, and the shadow in front of me grows bigger, like my pleasure. But at the same time, pain is on its way, represented by the shadow behind me from the next lamp post. And at the midpoint between the lamp posts, the pain is so great it outweighs my pleasure. And with every...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Matt Dillon - Jack
    [Tag:excitement, killing, pain]
  • “Sometimes they have to kill us. They have to kill us, because they can't break our spirit.”

    John Trudell - Jimmy Looks Twice
    [Tag:killing, racism, spirituality]
  • “- Mills: Wait, I thought all you did was kill innocent people.
    - John Doe: Innocent? Is that supposed to be funny? An obese man... a disgusting man who could barely stand up; a man who if you saw him on the street, you'd point him out to your friends so that they could join you in mocking him; a man, who if you saw him while you were eating, you...” (continue)
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    Brad Pitt - Mills
    Kevin Spacey - John Doe
    [Tag:innocence, killing, obesity]
  • “- Trautman: You did everything to make this private war happen. You've done enough damage. This mission is over, Rambo. Do you understand me? This mission is over! Look at them out there! Look at them! If you won't end this now, they will kill you. Is that what you want? It's over Johnny. It's over!
    - Rambo: Nothing is over! Nothing! You just...” (continue)
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    Richard Crenna - Trautman
    Sylvester Stallone - Rambo
    [Tag:end, killing, war]
  • “If you understand what it's like to have a daughter, then how can you threaten to kill someone else's?”
    Scott Wilson - Hershel Greene
    [Tag:daughter, killing]
  • “- Mildred Hayes: You could pull blood from every man and boy in this town over the age of 8.
    - Willoughby: There's civil rights laws prevents that, Mrs. Hayes, and what if he was just passing through town?
    - Mildred Hayes: Pull blood from every man in the country.
    - Willoughby: And what if he was just passing through the country?
    - Mildred...” (continue)
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    Frances McDormand - Mildred
    Woody Harrelson - Willoughby
    [Tag:killing, law]
  • “You are a dinosaur. And I am the meteor.”

    Hugo Weaving - Thaddeus Valentine
  • “I don't know much about this Cable fella, but I guarantee you he hasn't killed as many people as melanoma has.”

    Rob Delaney - Peter
    [Tag:disease, killing]
  • “Only best buddies execute pedophiles together.”
    Ryan Reynolds - Deadpool
    [Tag:killing, teamwork]
  • “They killed my friend. So I’m going to kill each and every one of them. And the only disappointment is that I only get to do it once.”
    Denzel Washington - Robert McCall
    [Tag:killing, revenge]
  • “- Lt. Bender: Give the bag to Bozo, drop the gun and put your hands in the air!
    - Earl Mott: Who said that?
    - Lt. Walters: This could very well be the stupidest person on the face of the earth. Perhaps we should shoot him.
    - Lt. Bender: It's the police department!”

    Art Evans - Lt. Bender
    Bill Pullman - Earl
    Clarence Felder - Lt. Walters
    [Tag:killing, police, stupidity]
  • “- Jude: We don't have it in England, is it a big deal?
    - Max Carrigan: Well, it's a heart-warming American tradition.
    - Lucy Carrigan: Yeah. It celebrates the time when the Indians shared their food with the early settlers. And how did we repay them? We slaughter them in thousands then ship them off to the shittiest bits of real estate.”

    Joe Anderson - Jude
    Jim Sturgess - Max Carrigan
    Evan Rachel Wood - Lucy Carrigan
    [Tag:conquest, killing, tradition]
  • “- William H. 'Billy the Kid' Bonney: Hey, Peppin. I see you got Charley Crawford down there with you.
    - Sheriff George Peppin: Yeah, that's right, Bonney. We got a whole...
    [Bonney goes to the window and shoots Charley Crawford]
    - William H. 'Billy the Kid' Bonney: Hey, Peppin. Charley Crawford's not with you anymore.”

    Emilio Estevez - William H. 'Billy the Kid' Bonney
    Craig Erickson - Sheriff George Peppin
    [Tag:death, killing, weapons]
  • “Every man we've killed has been replaced by worse!”
    Eric Bana - Avner
  • “You punched me, made me walk through shitty water, dragged me through a crackhouse... and now I'm gonna have to kill this fucking clown.”
    Finn Wolfhard - Richie Tozier
    [Tag:disgust, killing]
  • “- Ray Marcus: You've should fucking kill me! You don't know nothing. It's fun to kill people. You, of all people should try sometime.
    - Tony Hastings: Fun? It's fun to kill people? Did you have fun killing my wife and daughter?”

    Aaron Taylor-Johnson - Ray Marcus
    Jake Gyllenhaal - Tony Hastings
    [Tag:amusement, enjoyment, killing]
  • “I have no words. My voice is in my sword...”

    Sean Harris - Macduff
    [Tag:killing, retribution, violence]
  • “- Elderly Man: In the church, they say to forgive.
    - John W. Creasy: Forgiveness is between them and God. It's my job to arrange the meeting.”

    Enrique Cimet - Elderly Man
    Denzel Washington - John W. Creasy
    [Tag:church, forgiveness, killing]
  • “I do not shoot with my hand. He who shoots with his hand has forgotten the face of his father. I shoot with my mind. I do not kill with my gun. He who kills with his gun has forgotten the face of his father. I kill with my heart.”
    Idris Elba - Roland
    [Tag:father, forgetfulness, killing]
  • “- James Stamphill: Did you kill Rufus McCain?
    - Henri Young: I was the weapon, but I ain't no killer.”

    Christian Slater - James Stamphill
    Kevin Bacon - Henri Young
    [Tag:killing, weapons]
  • “What it's like to kill a man? Well, it's goddamn awful, that's what it is. The only thing worse is getting a medal for killing some poor kid, some scared little gook just like you. Not a day goes by that I don't think about it.”

    Clint Eastwood - Walt Kowalsky
    [Tag:killing, soldiers, war]