“Midsommar” quotes

Movie Midsommar
Title Midsommar
Year 2019
Director Ari Aster
Genre Drama, Horror, Mystery
Plot – A couple arrives in Sweden to visit a friend who lives in a countryside village. The plan to spend a nice holiday and celebrate the midsummer festival will soon fade away, as they will find themselves in the middle of a creepy and violent competition for a pagan cult.
All actors – Florence Pugh, Jack Reynor, Vilhelm Blomgren, William Jackson Harper, Will Poulter, Ellora Torchia, Archie Madekwe, Henrik Norlén, Gunnel Fred, Isabelle Grill, Agnes Westerlund Rase, Julia Ragnarsson, Mats Blomgren, Lars Väringer, Anna Åström, Hampus Hallberg, Liv Mjönes, Louise Peterhoff, Katarina Weidhagen, Björn Andrésen, Tomas Engström, Dag Andersson, Lennart R. Svensson, Anders Beckman, Rebecka Johnston, Tove Skeidsvoll, Anders Back, Anki Larsson, Levente Puczkó-Smith, Frans Rosengarten, Vilmos Kolba, Mihály Kaszás, Gabi Fon, Zsolt Bojári, Klaudia Csányi, Anna Berentz, Austin R. Grant, Kati Dombi, Linnea Larsdotter, Johan Matton, Balázs Megyeri
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  • “- Josh: Do you think that there is a masochistic part of you that is playing out this particular drama to avoid the work you actually need to be doing?
    - Christian: What work do I need to be doing, Josh, exactly?
    - Josh: Well, I don’t know, your prospectus, maybe, your PhD?
    - Christian: Wow, okay, thanks for the psychoanalysis.
    - Mark: It’s not...” (continue)
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    William Jackson Harper - Josh
    Jack Reynor - Christian
    Will Poulter - Mark
  • “- Sven: Where is your friend? Yosh?
    - Christian: I know, ah... We have no idea.
    - Sven: He, and your other friend - They both disappears the same day. You see how it looks?”

    Dag Andersson - Sven
    Jack Reynor - Christian
  • “On this, the day of our deity of reciprocity, we gather to give special thanks to our treasured Sun. As an offering for our Father, we will today surrender nine human lives. As Hårga takes, so Hårga also gives. Thus, for every newblood sacrificed, we will dedicate one of our own. That is: four newbloods, four from Hårga, and one to be chosen by...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Gunnel Fred - Siv
  • “I think I ate one of her pubic hairs.”
    Jack Reynor - Christian
  • “- Simon: So we just gonna ignore the bear then?
    - Ingemar: It's a bear.”

    Archie Madekwe - Simon
    Hampus Hallberg - Ingemar
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