“Hold the Dark” quotes

Movie Hold the Dark
Title Hold the Dark
Year 2018
Director Jeremy Saulnier
Genre Drama, Horror, Mystery
All actors – Beckam Crawford, Riley Keough, Jeffrey Wright, Michael Tayles, Issac Bird, Joseph Whitebird, Zandus Snow, Julian Black Antelope, Alexander Skarsgård, Conor Boru, Anabel Kutay, Emmanuel Imani, Tantoo Cardinal, Clarence Hoof, Savannah Bird, Karen Powderface, Eric Keenleyside, Ryan Irving, James Badge Dale, Brian Martell, Sean Hoy, Jonathan Whitesell, Savonna Spracklin, Makambe Simamba, Gabriel Cross, Lonni Olson, Barb Mitchell, Vanessa Holmes, Maureen Thomas, Peter McRobbie, Macon Blair, Amanda Burke, Bobbi Jaye, Nicholas Asbury, Mark Beswick, James Bloor, Lorette Clow, Tyler Duffy
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  • “- Medora Slone: What did it feel like to shoot that female wolf?
    - Russell Core: It felt awful. But... I really had no choice. Even though she'd taken a child, too?
    - Medora Slone: Because you think it's the natural order?
    - Russell Core: The natural order doesn't warrant revenge. They're not what you think, Mrs. Slone. What happened here is......” (continue)
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    Riley Keough - Medora Slone
    Jeffrey Wright - Russell Core
    [Tag:killing, mother, son]
  • “Dear Mr. Core, three days ago my son Bailey was taken by wolves. This happened twice already here. No one in the village will hunt them, and I am alone here now. I have read your book. I know you have done this before. In my heart, I know that you are able to do it now. I do not expect you to find my son alive, but you could find the wolf who...” (continue)(continue reading)

    Riley Keough - Medora Slone
  • “- Donald Marium: Mr. Core here, was called by your wife. He's a writer. He studies wolves. He was the last person to see her. He's been a big help to us so far. So, we asked him to be here in case you had any questions.
    - Vernon Slone: Can you raise the dead?
    - Russell Core: No, sir.
    - Vernon Slone: Then I have no questions for you.”

    James Badge Dale - Donald Marium
    Alexander Skarsgård - Vernon Slone
    Jeffrey Wright - Russell Core
    [Tag:ability, death]
  • “When we're killed, the past is killed. When kids are killed... that's different. When kids are killed, the future dies. There's no life without a future.”
    Julian Black Antelope - Cheeon
    [Tag:death, future, life, past]
  • “- Vernon Slone: When I go away I'll always be with you.
    - Bailey: Don't lie.”

    Alexander Skarsgård - Vernon Slone
    Beckam Crawford - Bailey