“No Retreat, No Surrender” quotes

Movie No Retreat, No Surrender
Title No Retreat, No Surrender
Year 1986
Director Corey Yuen
Genre Drama, Crime, Sport, Action
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Plot – Jason Stillwell is a karate student, treated as a nullity from the tough guys of his neighborhood. After accumulating an endless series of bitter humiliations, Jason finally finds the help of a martial arts expert. The big revenge on those who never believed in him comes when Jason meets over the ring Ivan, a Russian karate superstar.
All actors – Kurt McKinney, Jean-Claude Van Damme, J.W. Fails, Kathie Sileno, Tae-jeong Kim, Kent Lipham, Ron Pohnel, Dale Jacoby, Peter Cunningham, Timothy D. Baker, Gloria Marziano, Joe Verroca
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