“The Karate Kid III” quotes

Movie The Karate Kid III
Title The Karate Kid III
Original title The Karate Kid, Part III
Year 1989
Director John G. Avildsen
Genre Drama, Sport, Family, Action
Plot – Daniel La Russo became a karate champion after the final battle against the "mean" Kreese. Once back to Okinawa, he rejects the idea to enroll at university to use the money to make the dream of his “master” Miyagi come true: he wants to build a laboratory for the cultivation of bonsai. However, the quiet life of Daniel is soon threatened by the wicked Mike Barnes, a tough guy secretly hired by the billionaire Terry Silver to avenge the defeat of his close friend and fellow soldier Kreese. He claims to challenge La Russo in a savage karate championship. Miyagi refuses to train Daniel, because he thinks that the defense of the title isn’t a quality of karate. Daniel accepts to be trained by Silver, who disguises himself. Realizing the absurdity of the new and raw fighting strategies and becoming aware that Silver, Barnes and Kreese are organizing his defeat, Daniel goes back to Miyagi, who decides to train him to make him win in the final battle.
All actors – Ralph Macchio, Pat Morita, Robyn Lively, Thomas Ian Griffith, Martin Kove, Sean Kanan, Jonathan Avildsen, Randee Heller, William Christopher Ford, Pat E. Johnson, Rick Hurst, Frances Bay, Joseph V. Perry, Jan Tríska, Diana Webster, Patrick R. Posada, C. Darnell Rose, Glenn Medeiros, Gabriel Jarret, Doc Duhame, Randell Dennis Widner, Raymond S. Sua, Garth Johnson, E. David Tetro, Helen Lin, Meilani Figalan, Rob Garrison, Chad McQueen, Tony O'Dell, William Zabka, John Timothy Botka, Sandy Shimoda
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