“Bloodsport” quotes

Movie Bloodsport
Title Bloodsport
Year 1988
Director Newt Arnold
Genre Drama, Sport, Biography, Action
Plot – An American military pilot, Frank Dux, takes part to a violent competition in Hong Kong, called the Kumite. He has been trained intensely for years by the Japanese martial-arts coach Tanaka. Although his superior denies the permission, Dux goes to Hong Kong to participate to the qualifying. Here, he meets and becomes friend with a giant man, Jackson, who teaches him the secret aspects of Kumite. After defeating all his rivals, Frank has to face the mean champion Chong Li in the finals. When he wins the long-awaited championship, Frank goes back to America and gives the Samurai sword to Tanaka as trophy.
All actors – Jean-Claude Van Damme, Donald Gibb, Leah Ayres, Norman Burton, Forest Whitaker, Roy Chiao, Philip Chan, Pierre Rafini, Bolo Yeung, Ken Siu, Kimo Lai Kwok Ki, Bernard Mariano, Bill Yuen Ping Kuen, Lily Leung, Joshua Schroder, Keith Davey, Sean Ward, Johnny Lai, Henry Ho, Henry Kot, Thomas Lam, Simon Lai, A.P. George, Charles Wang, Cihangir Gaffari, John Cheung, Dennis Chiu, Michel Qissi, Nathan Chukueke, Geoffrey Brown, David Ho, Eric Neff, Michael Chan, Rick Erikson, John Law, Samson Li, Paulo Tocha, Greg Richardson, Saheed Sahabuddin, Rocky Jasminder Singh, Wilson Lee, Mark DiSalle, Edward E. Ketterer, Ken Boyle, Mark Wheelhouse, Wayne Morris, Darren Humphrey, Tom Tam, Claude Heme, Susan Sheers, Mandy Chan, Tak Ming Wong, Tsui Siu Hung, Chung Sung Tak, Kung Sung Wan, Christopher Lay, Andrew Rule, Lois Gochnauer, Patricia McDonald, Mic Rieusset, Gloria Wu, Peggy Tam, Jacqueline Choy, Bernie Cilia, Rani Gill, Christine Redman, Johnny Wong Tin Tok, Mak Shu Sun, Nip Kwok Chiu, David Tetter, Benjamin Ling, Joao Gamez, Kin Hung Tse, Steve Daw, Yuk Shu Ng, Henrik Wesslen, Paul Findley, Wayne Archer, Attilio Reale, Mark Sharrock, Paul Treadwell, Colin Bucknor, Roger Walker, Chi-Shing Hung, Victor Wong, Chu Wah, Eric Ng, Max Clsekedi, Ronnie Li, Tin-Dok Wong
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  • “- Senzo Tanaka: You can not take Katana sword by stealing, it is very special sword, you must earn it.
    - Young Frank: I wasn't going to steal it!
    - Tanaka: You didn't Flinch! You have fighting spirit!”

    Roy Chiao - Senzo Tanaka
    Pierre Rafini - Young Frank
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  • “- Victor Lin: What's the hold-up?
    - Official: He says Senzo Tanaka is his shidoshi.
    - Victor Lin: What's the difference if Bruce Springsteen is his shidoshi?”

    Ken Siu - Victor Lin
  • “Very good. But brick not hit back.”

    Bolo Yeung - Chong Li
  • “- Senzo Tanaka: For 2,000 the teachings passed, father to son, father to son. When Shingo died, it stopped.
    - Frank Dux: Teach me. I can do it.
    - Senzo Tanaka: You are not Japanese! You are not a Tanaka!
    - Frank Dux: You told me to use any tactic that works, never to commit yourself to one style, to keep an open mind!
    - Senzo Tanaka: Why?
    -...” (continue)
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    Roy Chiao - Senzo Tanaka
    Jean-Claude Van Damme - Frank Dux
  • “You break my record, now I break you, like I break your friend.”
    Bolo Yeung - Chong Li