“Beverly Hills Cop” quotes

Movie Beverly Hills Cop
Martin Brest directed this movie in 1984
Title Beverly Hills Cop
Year 1984
Director Martin Brest
Genre Drama, Comedy, Crime, Thriller, Action
Plot – Alex is a black cop in Detroit, he's good and diligent, but his superiors forbid him to investigate some murders happened in Beverly Hills. Alex doesn't give up and flies to California pretending he's on holiday to investigate on his own. While he discovers many interesting things about some illegal drug trades, the local police obstructs him. Alex doesn't discourage himself as he's not scared by the criminals' threats nor by his Californian colleagues.
All actors – Eddie Murphy, Judge Reinhold, John Ashton, Lisa Eilbacher, Ronny Cox, Steven Berkoff, James Russo, Jonathan Banks, Stephen Elliott, Gilbert R. Hill, Art Kimbro, Joel Bailey, Bronson Pinchot, Paul Reiser, Michael Champion, Frank Pesce, Gene Borkan, Michael Gregory, Alice Cadogan, Philip Levien, Karen Mayo-Chandler, Gerald Berns, William Wallace, Israel Juarbe, Randy Vasquez, Damon Wayans, Chuck Adamson, Chip Heller, Rick Overton, Rex Ryon, Mike Pniewski, Douglas Warhit, Paul Drake, Tom Everett, Sally Kishbaugh, Barry Shade, Jack Heller, Michael Harrington, David Wells, Scott Murphy, Dennis Madden, John Achorn, John Pettis, Nicholas Shields, Carl Weintraub, Anthony De Fonte, Darwyn Carson, Mark E. Corry, Thomas J. Hageboeck, Martin Brest
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