“Silverado” quotes

Movie Silverado
Lawrence Kasdan directed this movie in 1985
Title Silverado
Year 1985
Director Lawrence Kasdan
Genre Drama, Crime, Western, Action
Plot – Four former convicts - innocent, funny and generous - ride to Silverado, a remote village in the vast expanses of the West. Emmett and his brother Jake are going to visit their sister's family and then carry on towards California. Paden is moved by a spirit of adventure. The fourth man, black Mal, is going to join his old father and return to work the land with him and his sister, but the old man has had his goods violently expropriated by a sinister local landowner, Carter, whose thugs have killed him and Mal's sister. Moreover, Emmett's brother-in-law is killed, his nephew kidnapped and, to make matters worse, Sheriff Cobb, a former thief and co-owner of the local saloon with old Mrs Stella, is in business with the bad guys. There is enough to unleash all possible reactions.
All actors – Kevin Kline, Scott Glenn, Kevin Costner, Danny Glover, Marvin J. McIntyre, Brad Williams, Sheb Wooley, Jon Kasdan, John Cleese, Todd Allen, Kenny Call, Bill Thurman, Meg Kasdan, Dick Durock, Gene Hartline, Autry Ward, Jake Kasdan, Rosanna Arquette, Rusty Meyers, Zeke Davidson, Lois Geary, James Gammon, Troy Ward, Roy McAdams, Brian Dennehy, Linda Hunt, Jeff Goldblum, Ray Baker, Joe Seneca, Lynn Whitfield, Jeff Fahey, Patricia Gaul, Amanda Wyss, Earl Hindman, Thomas Wilson Brown, Jim Haynie, Richard Jenkins, Jerry Biggs, Sam Gauny, Ken Farmer, Bill McIntosh, Charles Seybert, Jane Beauchamp, Jerry Block, Ben Zeller, Pepe Serna, Ted White, Ross Loney, Walter Scott, Bob Terhune, Mark Kasdan, Matthew Hotsinpiller, Brion James, Richard Lester, Bob Morgan
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