“Silverado” quotes

Movie Silverado
Lawrence Kasdan directed this movie in 1985
Title Silverado
Year 1985
Director Lawrence Kasdan
Genre Drama, Crime, Western, Action
Plot – Four former convicts - innocent, funny and generous - ride to Silverado, a remote village in the vast expanses of the West. Emmett and his brother Jake are going to visit their sister's family and then carry on towards California. Paden is moved by a spirit of adventure. The fourth man, black Mal, is going to join his old father and return to work the land with him and his sister, but the old man has had his goods violently expropriated by a sinister local landowner, Carter, whose thugs have killed him and Mal's sister. Moreover, Emmett's brother-in-law is killed, his nephew kidnapped and, to make matters worse, Sheriff Cobb, a former thief and co-owner of the local saloon with old Mrs Stella, is in business with the bad guys. There is enough to unleash all possible reactions.
All actors – Kevin Kline, Scott Glenn, Kevin Costner, Danny Glover, Marvin J. McIntyre, Brad Williams, Sheb Wooley, Jon Kasdan, John Cleese, Todd Allen, Kenny Call, Bill Thurman, Meg Kasdan, Dick Durock, Gene Hartline, Autry Ward, Jake Kasdan, Rosanna Arquette, Rusty Meyers, Zeke Davidson, Lois Geary, James Gammon, Troy Ward, Roy McAdams, Brian Dennehy, Linda Hunt, Jeff Goldblum, Ray Baker, Joe Seneca, Lynn Whitfield, Jeff Fahey, Patricia Gaul, Amanda Wyss, Earl Hindman, Thomas Wilson Brown, Jim Haynie, Richard Jenkins, Jerry Biggs, Sam Gauny, Ken Farmer, Bill McIntosh, Charles Seybert, Jane Beauchamp, Jerry Block, Ben Zeller, Pepe Serna, Ted White, Ross Loney, Walter Scott, Bob Terhune, Mark Kasdan, Matthew Hotsinpiller, Brion James, Richard Lester, Bob Morgan
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  • “- Mal: Tomorrow we'll go into town and straighten this out once and for all. And then we'll be back here, farming. If I catch any of those cattle on our land after tomorrow, I'm gonna start carvin' them into steaks. And believe me, that's one thing I know about.
    - Dawson: Killin' cattle is a hanging offense in these parts! If we shot you down...” (continue)
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    Danny Glover - Mal
    James Gammon - Dawson
  • “- Stella: The world is what you make of it, friend. If it doesn't fit, you make alterations.
    - Paden: I'll drink to that.”

    Linda Hunt - Stella
    Kevin Kline - Paden
    [Tag:changing, like, world]
  • “I'm riding along, minding my own business. Four cowboys come by and we decide to ride together for a while, friendly as can be. I always figure you might as well approach life like everybody's your friend or nobody is; don't make much difference. We get out in the middle of that frying pan and suddenly everybody's pointing their gun but me. I...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Kevin Kline - Paden
    [Tag:crime, friends, trust]
  • “I don't wanna kill you, and you don't wanna be dead.”

    Danny Glover - Mal
    [Tag:death, killing, threat]
  • “- Emmett: You're Dawson, ain't ya? Tex Larue. I used to ride with Rye Marsh, you know him. Well, Andy Simms told me there's a hideout near here, so I headed for it. I hope you don't mind.
    - Dawson: Mind? You brought a posse to my best hideout and you ask me if I mind? Mister, I don't know any of those names. You're about to die.”

    Scott Glenn - Emmett
    James Gammon - Dawson
    [Tag:crime, threat]
  • “- Cavalry Sergeant: How do I know this is your horse?
    - Paden: Can't you see this horse loves me?
    - Cavalry Sergeant: I had a gal do that to me. It didn't make her my wife.”

    Sheb Wooley - Cavalry Sergeant
    Kevin Kline - Paden
  • - Mal: Is there a place in town that takes "my kind"?
    - Sheriff Langston: You misunderstand. I want you out of town. In fact, I want you all the way out of my jurisdiction.
    - Mal: That ain't right.
    - Sheriff Langston: I decide what's right in this jurisdiction. Now, move.

    Danny Glover - Mal
    John Marwood Cleese - Sheriff Langston
  • “- Cobb: I was hoping you'd changed your mind about the job.
    - Paden: You didn't tell me you owned a saloon.
    - Cobb: Oh, that ain't the half of it, friend. Welcome to heaven.”

    Brian Dennehy - Cobb
    Kevin Kline - Paden
  • “- J.T.: Problem is Emmet, you killed the wrong McKendrick.
    - Kate: J.T. Watch what you're saying around Augie. Emmet didn't kill anybody.
    - Emmett: Well Kate, it was self-defense sure enough, but I do think you'd have to say I killed old Murdo. Yeah I think that's definitely the word.”

    Earl Hindman - J.T.
    Patricia Gaul - Kate
    Scott Glenn - Emmett
  • “- Paden: Stella. Are you the Midnight Star herself?
    - Stella: I am. I'm always there, but I only shine at night.”

    Kevin Kline - Paden
    Linda Hunt - Stella
    [Tag:flirting, night, stars]
  • “I want to build something. Make things grow. That takes hard work. A lifetime of it. That's not why a man comes to a pretty woman. After a while I won't be so pretty. But this land will be.”

    Rosanna Arquette - Hannah
  • “- Hannah: It's all I've ever wanted. Pretty land, isn't it.
    - Paden: And a pretty lady.
    - Hannah: A lot of men have told me that. Maybe it's true. I guess some women are slow to believe it.
    - Paden: Believe it.
    - Hannah: They are drawn to me by that; but, it never last.”

    Rosanna Arquette - Hannah
    Kevin Kline - Paden
    [Tag:beauty, belief]
  • “- Jake: All I did was kiss a girl!
    - Emmett: They got you in jail for that?
    - Jake: Yeah, I kissed a girl, and this other fella didn't like it, so we had some words, and so I decided to get out of there. So I did, I got out of there. You know me, Emmett, I don't want no trouble. So, I go outside, and this fellow tries to shoot me in the back.”

    Kevin Costner - Jake
    Scott Glenn - Emmett
  • “- Sheriff Langston: The good citizens of Turley have taken me in their embrace and for one simple reason: I maintain the peace. So, when strangers come to town, I always ask them their business. Have you come for the hanging?
    - Emmett: I'm just meeting a guy here and moving on.”

    John Marwood Cleese - Sheriff Langston
    Scott Glenn - Emmett
  • “- Stella: From what I've seen, Paden doesn't seem to care about money.
    - Cobb: Ha! Paden doesn't seem to care about anything, except he does. You just can never tell what it's going to be.”

    Linda Hunt - Stella
    Brian Dennehy - Cobb
    [Tag:caring, money]
  • Calvin Stanhope. But my mother used to call me "Slick".
    Jeff Goldblum - Slick
    [Tag:mother, name, nickname]
  • “We're gonna give you a fair trial, followed by a first class hanging.”
    Brian Dennehy - Cobb
  • “- Stella: Cobb's using me to stop you. So good people are being hurt because of me. That makes me mad. Some people think because they're stronger, or meaner, that they can push you around. I've seen a lot of that. But it's only true if you let it be. The world is what you make of it.
    - Paden: I like your attitude. But it can be risky.”

    Linda Hunt - Stella
    Kevin Kline - Paden