“Paris, Texas” quotes

Movie Paris, Texas
Title Paris, Texas
Year 1984
Director Wim Wenders
Genre Drama
Plot – Travis collapses in the California desert. His brother brings him to his house where Travis finds his child of eight-years-old. Gradually the man comes out of his silence and establishes a good relationship with the child. As his wife lives in Houston, Travis travels there with his son. He leaves the boy with her and resumes his wanderings alone.
All actors – Harry Dean Stanton, Sam Berry, Bernhard Wicki, Dean Stockwell, Aurore Clément, Claresie Mobley, Hunter Carson, Viva, Socorro Valdez, Edward Fayton, Justin Hogg, Nastassja Kinski, Tom Farrell, John Lurie, Jeni Vici, Sally Norvell, Sharon Menzel, The Mydolls, Sam Shepard, Brandy Tipton
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  • “- Walt Henderson: I thought you were afraid of heights.
    - Travis Henderson: I'm not afraid of heights. I'm afraid of falling.”

    Dean Stockwell - Walt Henderson
    Harry Dean Stanton - Travis Henderson
    [Tag:fear, risk]
  • “- Walt Henderson: We live in the suburbs, but I've got my business in town.
    - Travis Henderson: Oh yeah? What's your business?
    - Walt Henderson: I make billboard signs for advertising.
    - Travis Henderson: Oh yeah? So you're the one who makes those signs, I love those. Some of them are beautiful.
    - Walt Henderson: I'm not the only one who makes...” (continue)
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    Dean Stockwell - Walt Henderson
    Harry Dean Stanton - Travis Henderson
  • “- Travis Henderson: This is not a place to bring a fancy woman. Wouldn't you say? If you had a fancy woman, would you bring her in a place like this?
    - Hunter Henderson: What's a fancy woman?”

    Harry Dean Stanton - Travis Henderson
    Hunter Carson - Hunter Henderson
    [Tag:fancy, place, women]