“Phantasm II” quotes

Movie Phantasm II
Title Phantasm II
Year 1988
Director Don Coscarelli
Genre Sci-Fi, Horror, Thriller, Fantasy, Action
Plot – Mike and Liz don't know each other but both have similar visions and premonitions. A powerful Spirit of Evil wants to persecute humans. Mike has already dealt with the demon and hunts the spirit with his older friend Reggie. At the cemetery of Perigord, the Spirit of Evil retrieves corpses, burns and revives them to create a legion of slaves. Liz is going to be cremated alive too and Mike and Reggie clash with the monsters. In the bloody struggle, Reggie dies but the demon hasn't been destroyed yet.
All actors – James Le Gros, Reggie Bannister, Angus Scrimm, Paula Irvine, Samantha Phillips, Kenneth Tigar, Ruth C. Engel, Mark Major, Rubin Kushner, Stacey Travis, J. Patrick McNamara, A. Michael Baldwin
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