“Poltergeist III” quotes

Movie Poltergeist III
Title Poltergeist III
Year 1988
Director Gary Sherman
Genre Horror, Thriller
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Plot – Bruce Gardner's quiet family, made up of his second wife Pat and his daughter Donna, is upset by the arrival of Pat's strange nephew, Carol Anne, sent by her parents to regain some inner peace. Bruce is the manager of a department store, while Pat is an art gallery's director: both of them work and live in the same building. The girls attend different schools and Donna has a boyfriend, Scott, whom she meets in secret. Carol Anne doesn't get along with her new classmates who mock her for the bizarre personality: she suffers from frightening hallucinations and is followed by psychologist Dr. Seaton, her school director. Carol Anne creates around her strange phenomena as chilling screams in the elevator, failures of the heating system, windows and mirrors that break without reason, images that appear and disappear in mirrors. These things alarm her uncles Bruce and Pat and Donna too is frightened by her little cousin. Dr. Seaton minimizes the events and would like to reassure everyone, but then things precipitate.
All actors – Tom Skerritt, Nancy Allen, Heather O'Rourke, Zelda Rubinstein, Lara Flynn Boyle, Kipley Wentz, Richard Fire, Nathan Davis, Roger May, Paul Graham, Meg Weldon, Stacy Gilchrist
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  • “Oh, Scott! My knight in shining acne!”
    Catherine Gatz - Marcie Moyer
  • “Youth is a strong life force. Innocence is pure life force. We lose strength as we lose our innocence. You see, innocence is the only gift we're given in life; all else must be fought for. In that gift is purity. In that purity lies strength.”
    Zelda Rubinstein - Tangina
  • “- Bruce Gardner: You better be careful. Remember what happened to Narcissus?
    - Donna Gardner: Nar-who?
    - Bruce Gardner: Greek mythology. He was a guy who loved looking at his reflection so much in a pond that he fell in and drowned.
    - Donna Gardner: Well, only a boy could be that clumsy.
    - Pat Gardner: You got that right.”

    Tom Skerritt - Bruce Gardner
    Lara Flynn Boyle - Donna Gardner
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