“Poison Ivy” quotes

Movie Poison Ivy
Title Poison Ivy
Year 1992
Director Katt Shea
Genre Drama, Thriller
Plot – Sylvie Cooper is a rich but not pretty student who lives in a villa with her beautiful mother Georgie, who suffers from emphysema (and therefore spends most of her time in bed with an oxygen mask), and her father Darryl, who defeated alcoholism and now hosts an educational TV show against drugs. Sylvie is fascinated with her classmate Ivy, an exhibitionist who knows how to charm everyone. Sylvie befriends Ivy and introduces her to her father, who is clearly aroused by her. Soon Ivy stays over at the Cooper house and she immediately begins a skillful operation to win over the whole family, including Fred, the dog that Sylvie adores. Darryl gives a party for many important personalities and Sylvie is supposed to be the hostess. However, with a trick Ivy succeeds in making Sylvie leave to take care of her charity works; then, Ivy wears one of Georgie's stunning dresses, bluntly seduces Darryl, until, left alone with him, she hugs him. When they are suddenly discovered by Georgie, she quickly makes up an innocent excuse for the gesture. While the love affair, which upsets Darryl, continues, Ivy kills Georgie by pushing her from a balcony, and manipulates everyone into forgetting that she was present at the time. After the funeral, Ivy gets in Georgie's bed and makes Sylvie lay there with her, too. The sorrowful girl is manipulated into telling Ivy that she loves her, then into going for a ride in her mother's car and bringing along the dead woman funerary urn, making it a sort of commemoration. However, during the mad rush, Sylvie understands that Ivy was present at Georgie's death and begins to be suspicious; the two girls quarrel and the car crashes into a tree. Ivy, unharmed, flees, but first puts Sylvie, seriously wounded, into the driver's seat. At the hospital Sylvie unsuccessfully tries to explain to her father what had happened. Afterwards, Sylvie returns home to find Darryl and Ivy having sex in the living room. Exasperated, Sylvie confronts Ivy, who is standing on Georgie's balcony, she accuses her of being her mother's murderer and she pushes Ivy off the balcony. Ivy pulls the pendant off from around Sylvie's neck and falls in front of Darryl's car.
All actors – Sara Gilbert, Drew Barrymore, Tom Skerritt, Cheryl Ladd, Alan Stock, Jeanne Sakata, E.J. Moore, J.B. Quon, Leonardo DiCaprio, Michael Goldner, Charley Hayward, Time Winters
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