“Radio Inside” quotes

Movie Radio Inside
Title Radio Inside
Year 1994
Director Jeffrey Bell
Genre Drama, Romance
Interpreted by
All actors – William McNamara, Elisabeth Shue, Dylan Walsh, Peewee Love, Steve Zurk, Ilse Earl, Ara Madzounian, Tony Fabozzi, Brett Murray, Justin Taylor, Jonathan Groves, Sandra Thigpen
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  • - Michael Anderson: Here's to true love, and gainful employment. I think it was Elvis who said, "Happiness is made up of three things: Someone to love, something to do, and something to look forward to".
    - Matthew Anderson: Actually, Mike, that was Marx. And that's "Reciprocal love, meaningful labor, and hope for the future".
    - Michael Anderson:... (continue)
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    Dylan Walsh - Michael Anderson
    William McNamara - Matthew Anderson