“Deconstructing Harry” quotes

Movie Deconstructing Harry
Woody Allen directed this movie in 1997
Title Deconstructing Harry
Year 1997
Director Woody Allen
Genre Drama, Comedy, Romance, Fantasy
Plot – New York. Harry Block is a writer who would like to put some order into his life, but he can't stay far from chaotic situations. His novels have always had a strong autobiographical component and very soon a creative crisis adds to his personal one. Between dream and reality, Harry re-lives some events happened in the past and meets his first wife, a psychoanalyst whom he betrayed with her same patient and now she repays him making him meet their nine-year-old son as little as possible. Then it's the turn of his second wife Jane, whom he betrayed with her same sister. In this circle of couples, Harry finds shelter in his psychoanalyst and sometimes with some prostitutes. When his old university confers him a honorary degree, Harry asks Cookie, a black prostitute, to go with him to the ceremony. When the dean of the university invites Harry in a room, the man sees all the characters of his imagination welcoming him with applauses and he realizes he can save himself only with them.
All actors – Judy Davis, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Stephanie Roth Haberle, Dan Frazer, Joel Leffert, Lynn Cohen, Richard Benjamin, Joe Buck, Jane Hoffman, Woody Allen, Tobey Maguire, Annette Arnold, Frederick Rolf, Elisabeth Kieselstein-Cord, Lortensia Hayes, Alicia Meer, Victoria Hale, Irving Metzman, Sunny Chae, Ralph Pope, Robert Harper, Tony Darrow, Jonathan LaPaglia, Jeff Mazzola, Timothy Jerome, Peter Castellotti, Robin Williams, Judy Bauerlein, Joseph P. Reidy, Phyllis Burdoe, Julie Kavner, Barbara Hollander, Adam Rose, David S. Howard, Kirstie Alley, Eric Lloyd, Mariel Hemingway, Amanda Barudin, Demi Moore, Stanley Tucci, Juliet Gelfman-Randazzo, Floyd Resnick, Bob Balaban, Brian McConnachie, Elisabeth Shue, Peter Jacobson, Tracey Lynne Miller, Hazelle Goodman, Amy Irving, Jennifer Garner, Caroline Aaron, Eric Bogosian, Irwin Charone, Hy Anzell, Shifra Lerer, John Doumanian, Alexa Aronson, Kenneth Edelson, Viola Harris, Si Picker, Howard Spiegel, Billy Crystal, Eugene Troobnick, Scotty Bloch, Ray Aranha, Paul Giamatti, Marvin Chatinover, Daniel Wolf, Waltrudis Buck, Philip Bosco, Arden Myrin, Daisy Prince, Peter McRobbie, Gene Saks, Dan Moran, Ray Garvey, Linda Perri, Tony Sirico, Jerry Bruno, Ray Cohen, Michael Manishor, Dave Stettner, Sid Jenkowsky, Bobby Shankin, Max Chalawsky, Dana Eshghi, Chris Bauer, Mitchell Bloom, Vernon Campbell, Brett Glazer, Katie Piel, Tim Realbuto, Elisabeth Röhm, David Sontag, Todd Stockman, Matilda Szydagis, Jovanna Vitiello
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