“The Myth of Fingerprints” quotes

Movie The Myth of Fingerprints
Title The Myth of Fingerprints
Year 1997
Director Bart Freundlich
Genre Drama, Comedy, Romance
All actors – Randee Allen, Arija Bareikis, Justin Barreto, Chris Bauer, Nicholas Bourgeois, Tom Cumler, Blythe Danner, Hope Davis, Christopher Duva, Kelsey Gunn, Laurel Holloman, Brian Kerwin
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  • “I know your true passion theory about two people destined to be together, but we can't all be filled with that much faith, trust and emotion. It just means if you have someone you're not alone. You're not going to find that in some fairy tale romance.”
    Michael Vartan - Jake
  • “Sometimes you have to sit through low times where you don't necessarily feel overwhelmingly, totally in love all the time.”
    Michael Vartan - Jake
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