“No Looking Back” quotes

Movie No Looking Back
Title No Looking Back
Year 1998
Director Edward Burns
Genre Drama, Comedy, Romance
All actors – Lauren Holly, Kevin Heffernan, Mark Schulte, Edward Burns, Kathleen Doyle, Jennifer Esposito, Jon Bon Jovi, Nick Sandow, Welker White, Ellen McElduff, Connie Britton, Blythe Danner
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  • “It's not like I'm gonna be hereforever.”
    Lauren Holly - Claudia
    [Tag:carpe diem]
  • “I'm not gonna stand for any of your bullshit this time, Charles. The last three years have been very peaceful here without you, so you act like an adult or you're out on your ass, understand?”

    Kathleen Doyle - Mrs. Ryan
  • “Where is it written you've got to be happy all the time?”
    Jon Bon Jovi - Michael
  • - Charlie: Whatever happened to all that stuff you said you were gonna do? Remember what I used to call you? "Cloud-ia"? 'Cause you always had your head in the clouds, always talking about getting out of here, seeing some of the world... what happened to that girl?
    - Claudia: I was eighteen-years-old and I grew up, that's what happened.

    Edward Burns - Charlie
    Lauren Holly - Claudia
  • “- Mrs. Ryan: So is this a funny little visit, or are you home for good?
    - Charlie: Nah, don't worry. Don't worry. It's just a little visit.
    - Mrs. Ryan: What happened? Fired again?
    - Charlie: No, this time... this time I quit.”

    Kathleen Doyle - Mrs. Ryan
    Edward Burns - Charlie
  • “This guy's a mutt, he's always been a mutt. He's probably still trying to bang any skank he can get his hands on.”
    Jon Bon Jovi - Michael
  • “If we had kids, we'd be spending every day working hard to feed them, clothe them, put them through school; only for them to tell us to go fuck ourselves when they turn sixteen, you know? No thanks.”

    Edward Burns - Charlie
  • “- Claudia: So what's going on, Kelly? Anything?
    - Kelly: Same shit, different day.”

    Lauren Holly - Claudia
    Connie Britton - Kelly
  • “- Claudia: Do you ever think what our lives would be like if we had the baby?
    - Charlie: Yeah, we'd be miserable.
    - Claudia: 'Cause we're just so happy now, huh?
    - Charlie: I'm happy. I'm real happy.”

    Lauren Holly - Claudia
    Edward Burns - Charlie