“The Purple Heart” quotes

Movie The Purple Heart
Lewis Milestone directed this movie in 1944
Title The Purple Heart
Year 1944
Director Lewis Milestone
Genre Drama, History, War
All actors – Dana Andrews, Richard Conte, Farley Granger, Kevin O'Shea, Don 'Red' Barry, Trudy Marshall, Sam Levene, Charles Russell, John Craven, Tala Birell, Richard Loo, Peter Chong
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  • “It's true we Americans don't know very much about you Japanese. And we never did. And now I realize you know even less about us. You can kill us. All of us, or part of us. But if you think that's going to put the fear of God into the United States of America, and stop them from sending other flyers to bomb you, you're wrong.”
    Dana Andrews - Capt. Harvey Ross
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  • “This is your war. You wanted it. You asked for it. You started it. And now you're going to get it. And it won't be finished until your dirty little empire is wiped off the face of the Earth.”
    Dana Andrews - Capt. Harvey Ross
  • “We will win this war because we are willing to sacrifice ten million lives. How many lives is the white man willing to sacrifice?”
    Richard Loo - General Ito Mitsubi