“The North Star” quotes

Movie The North Star
Lewis Milestone directed this movie in 1943
Title The North Star
Year 1943
Director Lewis Milestone
Genre Drama, Romance, War
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All actors – Anne Baxter, Dana Andrews, Walter Huston, Walter Brennan, Ann Harding, Jane Withers, Farley Granger, Erich von Stroheim, Dean Jagger, Eric Roberts, Carl Benton Reid, Ann Carter
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  • Wars don't leave people as they were. All people will learn this and come to see that wars do not have to be. We'll make this the last war. We'll make a free world for all men. The earth belongs to us, the people, if we fight for it. And we will fight for it!”

    Anne Baxter - Marina Pavlov
    [Tag:fighting, freedom, war]
  • “No one of us knows what will happen. I don't have to remind you that we are people with a noble history. You are expected to carry on that history with complete devotion and self-sacrifice. I think you'll do that.”

    Paul Guilfoyle - Iakin
  • “We are women. Different things go on in our heads. That's what makes us attractive.”
    Jane Withers - Clavdia Kurin
    [Tag:mind, seduction, women]
  • “Be a man of the world in front of your own mirror. It's better that way - mirrors don't talk back.”
    Farley Granger - Damian Simonov
  • “Comrades, we have good reasons to know our country is at war. In our small village alone, 30 people have been injured. Eleven people have been killed. But his is not a time for mourning - it is time for revenge. We will divide into two groups, each to do his duty from this day until death.”
    Carl Benton Reid - Boris Simonov
    [Tag:duty, revenge, war]
  • “The face of war is ugly. It's not for the young.”
    Walter Brennan - Karp
    [Tag:badness, war, youth]