“Sergeant York” quotes

Movie Sergeant York
Howard Hawks directed this movie in 1941
Title Sergeant York
Year 1941
Director Howard Hawks
Genre Drama, History, Romance, War, Biography
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Plot – York is a Minnesota farmer who aspires to own a piece of land. In spite of the hard work, he doesn't reach his dream and abandons himself to alcohol, committing reprehensible actions. The pastor tries to persuade York and he succeeds: the guy is indeed taken by a mystical fervor and completely changes his life. Then World War II starts out and York joins the army. On the battlefield he falls in a crisis of conscience, anyway he manages to solve it and he becomes a legend.
All actors – Gary Cooper, Walter Brennan, Joan Leslie, George Tobias, Stanley Ridges, Margaret Wycherly, Ward Bond, Noah Beery Jr., June Lockhart, Dickie Moore, Clem Bevans, Howard Da Silva
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