“The Stone Boy” quotes

Movie The Stone Boy
Title The Stone Boy
Year 1984
Director Christopher Cain
Genre Drama
All actors – Robert Duvall, Jason Presson, Glenn Close, Susan Rinell, Dean Cain, Frederic Forrest, Cindy Fisher, Gail Youngs, Kenneth Anderson, John L. Strandell, Tom Duncan, Wilford Brimley
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  • “- Eva Crescent Moon Lady: Where you bond for?
    - Arnold Hillerman: You never heard of it.
    - Eva Crescent Moon Lady: Well, Reno is a good place to leave.
    - Arnold Hillerman: The place where I'm going to is a good place to leave.”

    Linda Hamilton - Eva Crescent Moon Lady
    Jason Presson - Arnold Hillerman
    [Tag:leaving, place]
  • “Days are years and years are days when it comes to sorrow. There ain't no such thing as time. It's the way it is.”
    Frederic Forrest - Andy Jansen
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