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Movie Colors
Dennis Hopper directed this movie in 1988
Title Colors
Year 1988
Director Dennis Hopper
Genre Drama, Crime, Romance, Thriller, Action
Plot – In LA two criminals gangs represented by black people and South Americans rule the city and cause many deaths. The police is helpless because the fights are too violent and there aren’t enough agents. One of the security control units is formed by the experienced Bob Hodges, who teaches Danny McGavin, the other young and impulsive agent, that it is better to operate with calm and tolerance. Meanwhile the war between the Blood and the Crips is getting more cruel, since they both want to affirm themselves on the drug trade. Danny falls in love with a South American girl, Louisa Gomez, who immediately breaks the relationship off because she doesn’t approve Danny’s methods, but in reality she is involved with an investigated. When Bob dies in Danny’s arms, the young agent realizes what the right method is and, from that moment onwards, he advises the young colleagues, as Bob did with him.
All actors – Sean Penn, Robert Duvall, Maria Conchita Alonso, Randy Brooks, Grand L. Bush, Don Cheadle, Gerardo Mejía, Glenn Plummer, Rudy Ramos, Sy Richardson, Trinidad Silva, Charles Walker
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