“Zig Zag” quotes

Movie Zig Zag
Title Zig Zag
Year 2002
Director David S. Goyer
Genre Drama
All actors – John Leguizamo, Wesley Snipes, Oliver Platt, Natasha Lyonne, Luke Goss, Sam Jones III, Sherman Augustus, Michael Greyeyes, Jules Douglas, Ivan Basso, Abraham Benrubi, Warren G. Hall
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  • “The sun is full bright today. And the tires are alive because the streets are covered with little pools that explode. I like the rhythm the city makes all on its own. The sounds and the smells and different people, all crashing down together. So loud they go invisible, silent. Just floating around like ghosts.”
    Sam Jones III - Louis 'ZigZag' Fletcher
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  • “- Jenna: What's your name?
    - Louis 'ZigZag' Fletcher: ZigZag. Two big Z's, two little G's.”

    Natasha Lyonne - Jenna the Working Girl
    Sam Jones III - Louis 'ZigZag' Fletcher